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Northern Ireland MacAllister Keenan & Co. in LARNE, NI
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MacAllister Keenan & Co.

MacAllister Keenan & Co.
20 High Street
County Antrim
BT40 1JN (MAP)
Visit MacAllister Keenan & Co. website
Telephone028 2827 8844
Fax028 2826 0004
Established over 50 years ago we are a firm that offers a wide range of legal services. The firm will shortly join the Lexel Group that guarantees professional standards in all aspects of work.
With increasing property values inheritance tax planning has become an issue for many clients and we offer a range of practical solutions designed to mitigate inheritance tax.

Planning in relation to conveyancing is important and with our extensive knowledge and experience, we aim to take the stress out of the process. We are members of the Home Charter Scheme and provide clients with a detailed estimate of professional fees and costs together with regular updates on progress.

The firm has an extensive claims practice covering road traffic, industrial, medical negligence areas. Where liability is clear our costs will be recovered against the opponent in all cases and we do not charge solicitor/client fees. We offer a local professional and friendly service and have over the years built up a reputation of which we are proud.

Write a review of MacAllister Keenan & Co.

Write a review of MacAllister Keenan & Co.

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established over 50 years ago we are a firm that offers a wide range of legal services. the firm will shortly join the lexel group that guarantees professional standards in all aspects of work. with increasing property values inheritance tax plannin