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William Graham
0333 344 7550 (local rate)
07714 216 478
Unit A8B Innovation Suite,
Willowbank Business Park, Willowbank Road
County Antrim

About ProNetwork Solutions Ltd.

ProNetwork Solutions Ltd. is a Cloud, IT and Systems Support Service Provider based in Larne, Northern Ireland. We currently provide services to many Small & Medium sized businesses throughout Northern Ireland. We can improve your company’s operations, large and small, through our selected services, delivering security, mobility and productivity.


IT Consultancy
ProNetwork Solutions Ltd. provides IT Consultancy in Northern Ireland focusing on achieving the best use of Information Technology to meet your business objectives. Our Experts have been in this field for many years, and are aware of what mistakes can be made and how to avoid them. We get to know your business, the common problems your users have, what isn’t working for you and what you would like to see, and we do what it takes to successfully meet our obligations.

Server & Desktop Hardware
At ProNetwork Solutions Ltd. we understand the needs of our customers, when you purchase new computer equipment, you want to be sure it’s going to be fit for purpose. That’s why we only work with brands we can trust. Desktops and Servers from HP and Dell consistently meet our customers requirements, be it a single PC deployment, or a major network overhaul.

AntiVirus and AntiSpyware Software
Protect your Servers and Endpoints with an effective range of AntiVirus and AntiSpyware Software.

ProNetwork Solutions Ltd offers supply and installation of antivirus and antispyware software from a chosen few trusted vendors. These vendors have been chosen by us, due to their ability to detect the latest viruses before anyone else, popularity, competitive prices and after sales support.

Network Infrastructure
Structured cabling design and installation forms the basis of a good network infrastructure. Failure to plan and implement this properly can end up with unreliable connections and bottlenecks.

We can provide the design and implementation of all your copper and fibre optic networking requirements. We consistently meet industry standards on our installations.

Disaster Recovery
As businesses become more and more dependent on IT for delivery of their day to day functions, it’s hard to imagine how to cope should the worst happen; should it be a burst pipe in the company roofspace, or a power surge causing server hardware failure, the end result is the same. Downtime and Expense.

ProNetwork Solutions Ltd. offers a range of solutions to protect you from such disasters. A good backup can mean the difference between hours and days of downtime, the ability to recover systems from these backups are just as important, why have weeks and weeks of good backups if it’s going to mean days of downtime to recover them?

Technical Support
Our customer requirements for Technical Support in Northern Ireland vary greatly. We offer 3 different levels of support that have been designed around our existing customers.

Email Filtering & Backup MX
This year, the estimated amount of spam messages sent will be around seven trillion. The costs, such as lost productivity and fraud, will be covered by the public and Internet Service Providers, who have had to add extra capacity to cope with the influx of spam. Spam can be stopped at your firewall or server, but this causes a host of problems, the main one being that you have to receive the email before it is marked as spam. Thousands of spam messages a day passing through your firewall can slow down or stop internet connectivity completely.

Security is an important element of a company infrastructure that unfortunately is overlooked on a regular basis. It is not just about protecting your network from the outside world, but protecting resources from unauthorised access. This includes from your own users.

Web Hosting
Thinking of launching your first website? It’s always smart to determine what sort of Web Hosting platform you’ll be using before you get carried away with a feature wish list and design ideas. At ProNetwork Solutions Ltd, we are proud to offer Web Design and Hosting on our Linux platform hosted from a local datacentre in Belfast. We understand that most web site owners want a platform that’s reliable and easy to use, which is why we use Linux.

Location of ProNetwork Solutions Ltd. near Larne, Northern Ireland