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About Abscende Ltd

Rope Access is a mixture of climbing and caving techniques. It is very versatile and can be used for a multitude of tasks, from clearing gutters to carrying out essential works on oil and gas platforms.

The technique is the most cost effective and safest difficult access solution for works done at height available to Industry. It surpasses scaffold, cradles and MEWPs not only in aesthetics and efficiency but also man risk hours, site and personnel safety.

About Us
Abscende Ltd. was setup in 2005 by Mr. Jamie Irwin. Jamie has spent over 15 years working in various aspects of abseiling in the Middle East & Europe.

During the past 15 years, Jamie also gained invaluable experience within the inspection industry, having worked along side some of the world's most experienced inspectors.

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Why Should You Choose US?
Abscende Ltd. are committed to safety and customer satisfaction, ensuring a professional service for all manner of works at height.

Abscende Ltd are capable of providing professional solutions on a consistent basis.

Abscende Ltd. are aware of the ever-changing needs of our customers' requirements. We offer a helpful and flexible approach to all our customer contracts.

Abscende Ltd. eliminate the need for expensive scaffolding and heavy unsightly plant machinery; providing a thoroughly safe and environmentally friendly solution with very little disruption to clients' day-to-day business.

Abscende Ltd. provide skilled and experienced technicians, who are all IRATA qualified, for all contracts, ensuring attention to detail on all contracts.

Abscende Ltd. follows codes of practice developed by IRATA - Industrial Rope Access Trade Association, in accordance with the BS 7985; 2002 International standard code of practice for the use of Rope Access methods for industrial purposes. LOLER 98, BS EN 4179:2005 and PCN requirements.

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Inspection Services
Abscende Ltd. provides quality NDT inspection services to BS EN 4567. LOLER 98 lifting equipment inspections, to meet all clients' requirements. All inspection results are reported in a clear and understandable format so the results maybe understood by non-technical personnel.

Below are some of the inspection services Abscende can provide...
  • Ultrasonic Testing

  • Magnetic Particle Testing

  • Penetrant Testing

  • Eddy Current Testing

  • Visual Inspection

  • Tank Inspection

  • API Inspections

  • Lifting Equipment Inspection

  • Bolt/Anchor Testing

  • Leak Detection

  • IRIS Tube Inspection

  • Bridge Inspection

  • Pipework Inspection

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    Abscende can also provide consultation into the best means of inspection for your requirements, so please feel free to contact us if you are unsure of the right method of inspection that you require.

    Maintenance Services
    Abscende Ltd. provide a safe, quality, efficent service with the least disruption to your workplace. Below we have listed but a few of the tasks we can undertake and by no means is this list exhaustive...
    • Remedial Works

    • Cleaning

    • Window Cleaning

    • Industrial Painting

    • Bird Netting
  • Rigging and Lifting

  • Curtain Walling

  • Installation / Removal of Media Banners

  • Placement and Testing of Anchors

  • Bridge Cleaning and Painting

  • If your requirement is not listed above, please contact us to discuss your specific needs. Abscende is not afraid to admit when rope access is not the best solution for your needs!

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    Abscende Ltd Products & Services

    Industrial Rope Access
    NDT Testing
    NDT Inspections
    Ultrasonic Testing
    Magnetic Particle Testing
    Lifting Equipment Inspection
    IRIS Tube Inspection
    Oil Storage Tank Inspections
    API 653
    Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing
    Penetrant Testing
    Eddy Current Testing

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