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On our website you will find all you need to know about the comprehensive range of products we stock and the service to back it up.

Thomas Kellys Painting, Decorating and Gas supplies, Ballynahinch, County Down.
If you have any queries or need advice we will be happy to assist, just telephone for instant friendly advice, email an enquiry or just pop into our store in Ballynahinch.

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Tools available for Hire

HVLP Paint Sprayer
HVLP stands for: High-Volume, Low-Pressure.
Conventional high-pressure guns and sprayers blast the coating on to the surface at such high pressure that the coating gets over-atomised and literally bounces back from the surface, producing large amounts of waste, commonly called overspray.

HVLP, on the other hand, is the use of High Volume, Low Pressure air for the purpose of spraying any liquid sprayable coating.

By spraying at low pressure, the coating is never over-atomised and does not bounce back from the surface. By eliminating bounce-back and over atomisation, HVLP guns and sprayers can virtually eliminate overspray.

The end results are substantial savings in material and operating costs, a cleaner, safer working environment, and a superior quality finish!

Airless Paint Sprayer
This sprayer is ideal for the application of any sort of paint, whether it be water-based or oil based.

Wallpaper Sample Books
Wallpaper remains one of the most stylish ways to decorate your home. Give your room warmth, elegance and sophistication by choosing a wallpaper to complement that.

We have a large selection of wallpaper pattern books by some major manufacturers, which we can order in for you in room-lot quantities. We cover a range of themes and categories.
Collections from:
  • Gallerie wallcoverings
  • Doshi wallcoverings
  • Dixons wallcoverings
  • Thorne international
  • Sanderson

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Wallpaper Stripper
The steam wallpaper stripper will remove vinyl and woodchip wall coverings with ease. It is simple to operate, yet highly effective.

Suppliers of Calor Gas
Calor is the UK’s leading supplier with over 70 years' experience in this flexible and environmentally sensitive market.

Whether it is the warmth of a gas fire, home barbecuing, relaxing in the garden during a chilly evening (thanks to a patio heater!) or travelling round Ireland in your caravan, we have the right gas for you.

We also deliver to make it more convenient for you, so just phone and place your order: 028 97 562380

Gas deliveries are done on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, so orders need to be in at least 24 hours before.

Location of Thomas Kelly & Co Ltd near Ballynahinch, Northern Ireland