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About MCL Services Ltd

Are you dissatisfied with your IT systems? Are they holding your business back?
Do you worry about the ever-increasing security threats that could ruin your company?
Do you lack the skills in-house to support, grow, and enhance your use of IT?

We're here to help.

By building on the expertise we have garnered over a decade of delivering services to the Oil & Gas Industry, we help your business succeed by optimising your existing IT systems, streamlining your business processes requiring IT, and highlight and expose areas within your business where additional value can be achieved by the application of appropriate technology. We become your partner and guide for IT and by constantly striving for excellence, we improve your IT services and ensure that technology doesn't get in your way.

For the utmost in system reliability, service and support, you can leverage all of our managed service offerings under our Total Business Management package.

By choosing our Total Business Management solution you can rest easy knowing that all of your technology needs are taken care of and that potential problems are nipped in the bud before they can affect your business.

You get the benefits of all of our services at a reduced cost when compared to using them separately. Click here to contact us to discuss your requirements.


Businesses such as yours rely on technology every day; more services are being delivered electronically, and like any organisation you cannot afford to have your staff unable to use these services.

In the current economic climate, fewer companies can afford to maintain a full time IT position on their payroll, to ensure that they have the right skills to support all of the systems and services that your organisation utilises, and then to finance the ongoing training that is required in order to keep up to date with the fast paced changes in technology that your company is expected to be using.

Our Managed Backup Service provides a cost-effective, affordable solution to a range of IT issues faced by businesses, such as data loss, accidental deletion, theft, fire, or flood damage to IT equipment and more.

No more sleepless nights wondering if you backed up before you left the office, no more keeping fingers crossed that the worst case scenario won’t happen – with MCL Services Managed Backup Services, we really have got you covered.

Your employees have gone mobile.

It’s time you caught up

Are you worried about data security? Do you want a smarter, safer way of using devices to access your business systems?

MCL Services Managed Mobile plans take away the worry and offer you complete control of your devices.

With over a decade of hosting and maintaining web applications for several of the world’s largest organisations, we are ideally suited to manage your hosting requirements, whether that be your corporate website, a public facing internet application or an internal application that needs to be available wherever your staff are located. We provide a level of service availability that you never thought was possible.

Most companies are experiencing the need to keep pace with ever-changing marketplaces related to adapting to customer or competitive needs, meeting regulatory requirements and/or evolving to provide an unmatched customer experience.

Business Process Management via our Process Improvement system provides Business Agility by offering the capability to rapidly modify processes (e.g. activities, user interfaces, routing, business rules) in an evolutionary manner.

This leads to reduced process cycle time and increased customer service, among other benefits, which provides a distinct competitive advantage to companies employ utilising the Process Improvement platform.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is about ensuring that your business is able to continue operating, and get back to full operating capacity in the event of any incident.

80% of Businesses affected by a major incident either never reopen or close within 18 months…
Axa Insurance Report

Rather than simply handing your company a document titled “Business Continuity Plan” and walking away, we continuously engage with our clients to make sure that their plan works for them and will continue to support the needs of their organisation.

Location of MCL Services Ltd near Londonderry, Northern Ireland