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028 8225 9555
21 Gortrush Industrial Estate
County Tyrone
BT78 1ED

About Doherty Oils Ltd

Formed in May 2000, Doherty Oils has rapidly grown to be one of the most progressive fuel distributors in the North West of Ireland.
Over the years the company has expanded and runs a modern fleet of petroleum regulation vehicles with drivers all qualified to the EEC ADR exam standard and is considered one of the regions leading home and commercial oil distributors, enjoying long-term and outstanding relationships with a range of major oil companies. Starting with only one truck, we now maintain a fleet of five clean, energy-efficient oil delivery tankers, distributing fuel throughout the Tyrone and Fermanagh areas.

As well as supplying domestic home heating oil at competitive prices, we also have major contracts with commercial business such as ASDA, providing them with red diesel for generators. We also supply heating oil to a range of other businesses in the North West area including a number of nursing homes and the agriculture industry. We supply a variety of local filling stations with petrol and diesel and have our own forecourt service for motorists to fill up their vehicles with petrol or diesel at wholesale prices from our Gortrush headquarters in Omagh. Diesel and petrol accounts are also available from our Omagh depot. All our tankers are equipped with electronic meters guaranteeing you receive the correct quantity. Customers will receive a delivery docket stating date, start time & end time of delivery and quantity delivered ensuring peace of mind.


Home Heating Oil
Doherty Oils delivers Heating Oil, also known as Kerosene, 28 Second Oil, Burning Oil, Standard Kero, and C2 Kero. We operate a fleet of five delivery tankers with trained, qualified drivers to ensure you receive a prompt, professional delivery service. Our strong relationship with a range major oil suppliers ensures you consistently receive highly competitive prices.

Red Diesel
Doherty Oils supplies Red Diesel, also commonly known as Gas Oil, 35 Second Oil, Agricultural Diesel, Tractor Diesel, and Generator Fuel, for use in generators and off-road vehicles in the agriculture, horticulture, construction and forestry sectors. We believe in supporting local industries, whatever their requirements, in order to make a valuable contribution to the local economy and community.

Doherty Oils supplies Diesel, also commonly known as White Diesel, DERV, D2, Road Diesel and Transport Fuel, suitable for use in all road vehicles powered by a diesel engine. We deliver quality fuel at a competitive price with next day delivery.

Unleaded Petrol
Doherty Oils supplies high quality unleaded petroleum at competitive prices. We can deliver any amount from 500 up to 400,000 litres. Motorists can also take advantage of wholesale fuel prices from our Omagh depot.


Oil Tanks
Doherty Oils offers a full range of durable plastic oil tanks providing innovative, safe and reliable oil & fuel storage solutions. All tanks supplied are manufactured to the very highest of standards that far exceed all current safety regulations. We can also organise the replacement of your existing tank.

Oil Watchman
The Oil Watchman is a wireless electronic monitoring system which continuously and accurately measures the level of oil in your tank. The system is quick and easy to install providing an indication of oil level from the comfort of your home or office. The Watchman range also offers protection against fuel theft and leakage.

Logs, Firewood, Kindling
Doherty Oils Ltd also supplies a range of burning fuels to keep your home warm & comfortable throughout the year. We are stockists of quality household coal from Kosy Coal. Our staff are always on hand to help you at our Omagh depot.

Engine Lubricants
We offer a range of quality lubricants to help maintain the smooth operation of your engine whatever its purpose. The recommended use of lubricants will not only improve engine performance but also boost longevity.

Location of Doherty Oils Ltd near Omagh, Northern Ireland