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About Chimcoat (NI) Ltd

Chimney Services
Chimcoat is Northern Ireland’s leading specialist in chimney and flue construction and repairs. Chimcoat give you peace of mind that your chimneys and flues are in the hands of experts. We visit and survey every property before we provide you with a quotation, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving a quotation based on the best solution for you.

We supply and install the highest quality flue & chimney products to ensure your building complies with the current building regulations. Upon completion of the chimney lining and/or relining or flue installation, we then supply you with all the necessary safety notices, guarantees and documentation required to satisfy current Building Regulations.

Our services include:
  • Chimney Stack Repoints and Rebuilds
  • Chimney Re-lines, Flue Installations and Flue Replacements
  • Chimney Surveys
  • De-scaling and Sweeping

Chimney Maintenance

A chimney needs to be repointed as an element of routine maintenance. If it is left, the stack will eventually need to be rebuilt as it becomes weaker as frost and cold further weakens the mortar.

Experienced chimney builders know that the old mortar needs to be raked out to a depth of 15mm. This is a common mistake many builders make when looking at this type of job, and one that can knock years off the life of your chimney.

A chimney should be swept or cleaned every 6 months in order to remove any soot build up or blockages. Insurance companies advise to sweep your chimney on a regular basis as they are aware that chimney soot fires burn at extremely high temperatures and will often seriously damage your chimney flue.

The primary reason for descaling (reaming) a chimney is to remove the build up of chimney tar or creosote that can be caused by the burning of damp fuels.

Descaling involves the use of specialised cleaning rods and cleaning whips or chains that are spun at high speed in the chimney. It removes tar and crusted soot that conventional chimney cleaning cannot remove.

Reviews of Chimcoat (NI) Ltd

Star Rating
Brenda C
November 10, 2017
Chimcoat sorted out our chimney after some storm damage. If they hadn't have fixed it I honestly think the whole thing would have collapsed!
Star Rating
Lynsey McMaster
Friendly professional service

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