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About Energia

At Energia we understand that you need competitive pricing and we deliver.
Whether you have a small business or a very large Corporation, Energia will have the most competitive business electricity prices available. As well as providing the best pricing, we will give you expert advice on the best option for your business energy.

At Energia, you will get:
  • A choice of conventional or renewable electricity - we generate and supply both.
  • Superb customer service.
  • An Online account management facility to make running your account easy.
  • An Energy Efficiency team who provide advice and support to help you reduce your energy usage.
  • Great exclusive offers for you and your business with our customer loyalty programme - Energia Extra. You can promote your business here too.
  • Energia provide over 22% of Northern Ireland's business with electricity.

Energia supply thousands of businesses in Northern Ireland with electricity.

Energia are licensed by the Utility Regulator in Northern Ireland http://www.uregni.gov.uk/.

Electricity is offered to customers both conventionally and in renewables via wind energy. Customers can discuss options with Energia and decide the best options for their business from competitive electricity sources.

Electricity Supply
Part of Energia’s portfolio consists of Energia Generation that owns and operates two gas fired power stations in Huntstown in Dublin. These two power stations have the capacity to generate 20% of the total all island electricity needs.

Energia‘s dedication to electricity supply is underpinned by the huge investment in the power plants. The plants demonstrate the level of commitment to generating electricity in Ireland and are modern with clean burning gas fired power.

Energia Renewables
25% of Ireland’s wind power is provided through Energia via self owned wind farms or from power purchase agreements. Renewable Energy and wind energy in particular is inherently sustainable; i.e. using it does not have an ongoing negative impact on life in the future.

Energy Efficiency
Here at Energia, we are committed to helping our customers use their energy more efficiently.
Reducing your energy usage reduces your carbon footprint . We have a team of energy efficiency experts that are here to give you all the help and advice you need.

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Reviews of Energia

Star Rating
Declan O’Riordan, Energy Manager, EPS Group
March 14, 2017
We are delighted to not only renew our supply deal with Energia but to sign an additional 30 sites which will see Energia deliver competitive priced energy and excellent customer service. We have also signed up to Energia’s online management tool, Energia Premium, allowing us to analyse our energy data in order to identify energy efficiencies and savings at our various plants. This current deal reinforces our drive towards a group-wide energy conservation and carbon reduction programme backed up by our recent certification to ISO50001 and ISO14064 for carbon management.
Star Rating
Aine Cummins - Cummins Sports
February 28, 2017
The recent energy audit by Energia provided us with straightforward ways to reduce our energy consumption and costs while maintaining our existing high standards. Conveniently, any cost to us was paid back within four months as a result of the energy cost savings. Our deal provides us with competitive priced energy and high quality customer service!
Star Rating
Brendan O’Flaherty - Rite Price Tiles
The switch to paperless billing from Energia has worked great. I find the new system easy to work with when it comes to managing the accounts. I never have to worry about where I put my post and I’ll have a historic record too!