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List Of RHI Beneficiaries Published

The Department for the Economy has released a list of companies who benefited from the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme.

The Department has made the list available following a ruling issued by the High Court at the start of March. Previously, a group representing beneficiaries of the scheme had appealed against having the list released, however, they lost this appeal.
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It is understood that the list is not complete but includes the names of all limited companies and limited liability partnerships that received support payments under the scheme above a threshold of £5,000, for the period from the opening of the scheme in 2012 to 28 February 2017.

The Department said that work is progressing on a separate list which will contain the names of the individuals who are in receipt of payments of £5,000 or more under the non-domestic scheme. They added that it is their intention to publish that list in the next few weeks.

The list can be found here.


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22 September 2016
UDA Resolve Scheme Moves Towards Official Recognition
A community restorative justice group in east Belfast with links to the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), a paramilitary group, is moving towards official recognition. A review by the Criminal Justice Inspection Northern Ireland (CJINI) found the Resolve scheme was making a "useful contribution in a fragmented community".
20 September 2016
NIAS And NIFRS Team Up For Pilot Scheme In Lurgan
A pilot scheme in Lurgan has been launched by the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) and Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service, which will see NIFRS personnel alerted to certain pre-determined emergency calls. Over 1,400 people suffer "out of hospital cardiac arrests" in Northern Ireland every year. Less than 10% of these survive.
25 May 2017
Department Publishes RHI Payments List
A full list of firms receiving support payments under the botched Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme has been published. The Department for the Economy published the list on Wednesday, 24 May. It also said the list "does not imply wrongdoing by any of the beneficiaries".
15 June 2017
List Threatening Almost 50 People Circulating In North Belfast
A list threatening almost 50 people has been circulating in north Belfast. Sinn Féin is calling for the threats, from an unnamed organisation, to be "lifted immediately". MLA Gerry Kelly said: "I condemn the fact that threats have been issued against these people.
26 June 2009
Cost Of Family Health Care Revealed
Official figures just released have shown the huge cost of health care in NI. Pharmaceutical payments alone topped £425million according to the Business Services Organisation, which has today published statistics about family practitioner services.
01 December 2005
Hospital waiting lists fall
Waiting list figures released today show the number of patients waiting over 12 months has fallen by more than 38% in the last quarter. The latest waiting list figures revealed that the number of patients waiting over 12 months for the same treatment has decreased by 1,533 over the quarter and stands at 2,434.
06 September 2002
BMA call for radical action to reduce waiting lists
The British Medical Association in Northern Ireland has again called for radical action to reduce the continuing climb in waiting list figures for the province.
16 June 2017
Equality Commission To Investigate Irish Language Bursary Scheme Decision
The Equality Commission has confirmed it is to carry out an investigation following a decision by the Department of Communities to withdraw funding from an Irish language bursary scheme.
12 June 2017
New £55m Dual-Carriageway Opens
A new £55 million dual-carriageway in Northern Ireland has officially opened. The A26 Frosses dual-carriageway from Glarryford to A44 Drones is a new 8km road with a roundabout at the Drones Road and three flyover junctions.
17 April 2009
Belfast Rocking To First 'Big Gig'
A new series of gigs is being added to the local music scene next week. Northern Ireland's number one entertainment guide, The Big List, is set to launch The Big Gig.
05 December 2002
Rise in hospital waiting lists 'disappointing' says Browne
Hospital waiting lists have risen by almost 3,500 in the past year – leaving Northern Ireland trailing behind its UK counterparts – according to statistics contained in the health department's quarterly review of waiting lists.
19 November 2008
BNP's NI List Revealed
People with addresses in Northern Ireland who are on the list of British National Party (BNP) members leaked on the internet have been warned to increase their personal security. The names of more than 10,000 British National Party (BNP) members have been leaked online, prompting calls for a police investigation by the far-right party's leader.
20 September 2013
Minister Opens Social Housing Scheme In Armagh
Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland has opened a new £2.3m social housing scheme at Mullacreevie Green in Armagh. The development, which consists of 21 family homes, were constructed by Fold Housing Association and have been provided with part-funding from the Northern Ireland Executive.
07 August 2012
'Economically Unimportant' Apprenticeships Struck Off Funding List
Thousands of adult apprentices will be denied funding for their training if it does not fall into areas defined as economically important. The new Department for Employment and Learning (DEL) rule will affect apprenticeship applicants from the end of August.
19 December 2013
Jack And Grace 2013's Most Popular Names
Jack and Grace have been announced as the most popular names given to boys and girls in 2013. The announcement came as the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency published its annual report on the most popular names given to newborns.