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Foot Sports NI Fun Day

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The UK's only football-themed fun fair, Foot Sports NI, has announced a Fun Day taking place on Saturday 08 July at the Hanwood Centre in Dundonald.

Featuring all the best of Footsports NI's offerings including 'Bubble Football', 'Foot Darts', Foot Pool', 'Foot Tennis', 'Human Football', 'Beer Goggle Football', in fact pretty much anything you can add a football too is being catered for.
Promising an "epic day out", you're invited to test your skills against some of Foot Sports NI's Fifa inspired games, try to set and beat high scores and win cash prizes.

 The organisers have also announced the all new Foot Sports Challenge!

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The objective is simple: play a special five-game challenge and keeping track of your score throughout the day, then... the overall highest score achieved on the day will be awarded a special prize!
  • Game 1: Top Bins - 3 balls, 3 bins with scores assigned to each bin, put the ball in and tally your score
  • Game 2: Foot Darts - 5 balls, land all 5 balls on the board & calculate your score
  • Game 3: Penalty Shootout - 3 balls - each goal is worth 50 points. Score all 3 for a bonus 50 points
  • Game 4: Sharpshooter - 3 balls, 3 free kicks, 1 wall, 5 targets, put the ball over or round the wall & hit the targets, calculate your score
  • Game 5: Speed Radar - 1 ball, 1 strike to see how hard you strike the ball - score in mph is your score for the game
Foot Sports are NI's Football-based party experts who not only have organised the UK's first ever football-themed fun fair, but offer a range of activities and equipment that you can rent for your own event. They offer full community packages and cover fairs & festivals or even just a birthday party. They pride themselves in taking traditional games and making them wacky. They invite you to "make your event a memorable one" with their range of highly enjoyable games for all ages.
Foot Sports NI Fun Day takes place on Saturday 8 July, at The Hanwood Centre, Dundonald, from midday until 5pm. Admission is free.

 For more information on Foot Sports NI, and to view their range of games and hire equipment, go to and find them on Facebook.

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Foot Sports NI Fun Day
The UK's only football-themed fun fair, Foot Sports NI, has announced a Fun Day taking place on Saturday 08 July at the Hanwood Centre in Dundonald.
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