Two Pipe Bombs Found During L'Derry Security Alert

Two viable pipe bombs have been discovered during a security alert in Co L'Derry.

A number of residents were evacuated from their homes during the alert, and the Rossdowney Road was closed on Monday, 13 November.

The road has since been re-opened.

Army bomb experts attended the scene and the pipe bombs have been taken away for further forensic examination.
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PSNI Inspector Jonny Hunter said: "Thankfully, no-one was injured because of the reckless actions of criminals who showed absolutely no regard for the community by placing two potentially deadly devices in a built-up area.

"I urge the public to remain vigilant. If anyone finds anything suspicious please do not touch it – phone the police immediately.

"I am appealing to anyone with information about this incident to please tell us, because it is only with your help that we can make our communities safer."


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08 January 2013
PSNI Confirms Flag Violence Arrests
The PSNI has confirmed a total of eight arrests were made as a result of disorder over the Belfast City Hall union flag issue. Three police officers were injured when missiles ranging from petrol bombs, paint bombs, fireworks and heavy masonry were thrown by loyalist protesters. PSNI vehicles were attacked with hatchets and sledge hammers.
02 November 2010
Pipe Bomb Removed As City Alerts Continue
A 'viable device' thought to be a pipe bomb has been taken away for examination after it was found during a security alert close to the Alexandra Bar on York Road. It meant traffic being diverted this morning and some residents being moved from their homes as Army bomb experts dealt with the incident.
05 July 2011
Helicopter 'Top Cover' As Bomb Defused
Suburban Glengormley returned to normal yesterday evening after the Army dealt with a pipe bomb in Harmin Park. The PSNI helicopter was overhead of the Newtownabbey district - close to north Belfast - for most of Monday afternoon and some residents were asked to leave their homes, while the examination was carried out.
24 July 2001
Pipe bomb attacks continue in Country Antrim
County Antrim has been the focus of several overnight incidents involving pipe bombs, which saw one Portrush man narrowly escape injury when his house was singled out for attack. The device was thrown through the window of the house in Glenmanus Park at around midnight on Monday 23 July, but failed to go off.
03 December 2008
SF Demands Disclosure Over Loyalist Blast Bombs
A leading Sinn Féin politician has insisted that more information should be made available after four explosive devices - believed to be blast bombs - were discovered by the police in south Belfast. The alert first began when a suspicious object was reported on Tuesday evening.
26 September 2017
Viable Pipe Bomb Found During West Belfast Security Alert
A viable pipe bomb has been discovered during a security alert in west Belfast. Residents had to be evacuated from their homes in the Horn Drive area after a suspicious object was found on Monday, 25 September. Police and army bomb disposal experts attended the scene. The alert has now ended and the device has been removed for forensic examination.
22 February 2017
Pipe Bombs And Ammunition Found During Security Alert
Five pipe bombs and a quantity of ammunition have been found during a security alert in west Belfast. Residents were evacuated from their homes during the alert which happened in the Conway Street area on Tuesday, 21 February, however they have since returned and the road has been reopened.
19 November 2007
Royal Avenue Reopened As Security Alert Ends
Belfast's Royal Avenue has now been reopened having been cordoned off in a security alert which saw hundreds of people evacuated from Castlecourt shopping complex. The main thoroughfare had been closed and surrounding premises evacuated. However, traffic disruption was minimal as the road is restricted to access vehicles and buses.
01 February 2012
Pipe Bombs Found In Portadown
Four pipe bombs have been discovered in Portadown. During a security alert, Army bomb experts were called to a field at Carbet Road at around 10am on Tuesday morning. The bombs were found in a box and were taken away for further investigation.
08 May 2018
PSNI Appeal For Information On Newtownabbey Security Alert
The Alliance Party has condemned those behind a viable pipe bomb found during a recent security alert in Newtownabbey. A suspicious object was discovered in the garden of a home at Arthur Avenue on Sunday, 06 May. A number of homes in the area were evacuated while police investigated the device.
11 September 2015
Two Pipe Bombs Found In Co Antrim
Two pipe bombs have been found following two explosions in Ahoghill, Co Antrim. The explosive devices went off at two separate addresses in the Brookfield Gardens area at around 2am on Thursday. There were no reports of any injuries, however the front of one of the properties was damaged.
23 April 2015
Viable Pipe Bombs Found In L'Derry Made Safe
Three viable pipe bombs discovered in Drumahoe, L'Derry, have been made safe. The devices were found by a member of the public on Wednesday morning. Army bomb experts attended the scene at approximately 10.30am. Police said the devices had the potential to kill or maim. A number of roads closed during the security alert have been re-opened.
15 January 2004
Two pipe bombs defused in north Belfast
Army technical experts have defused two pipe bombs discovered in north Belfast last night. Police said that one of the pipe bombs was found at around 10.30pm on Wednesday night near the junction of the Westland and Cavehill roads in north Belfast. The second device was discovered at Alliance Avenue at 12.45am this morning.
01 May 2002
Two pipe bombs defused in Randalstown
Two pipe bombs left in Randalstown have been made safe by Army bomb experts in County Antrim. The first alert was raised at 6.30am on Wednesday May 1 when a council worker found a suspicious object outside a bar in Main Street. The man brought it to the police station where Army bomb officers carried out a controlled explosion.
17 October 2001
Rioting in north Belfast pinned on Loyalists
Loyalists have again been blamed for the latest violence and pipe bomb explosions in north Belfast. Following trouble earlier in the day during which a police officer was injured two pipe bombs exploded at Hallidays Road shortly after 11pm on Tuesday October 16.