New 'Green' Boiler Incentives

A new national scheme to upgrade household heating systems could help save money on fuel bills and sustain work for the heating industry, the Government has said.

Up to 125,000 households in England with working 'G-rated' boilers can from today apply through the Energy Saving Trust for a voucher providing £400 off the price of a new 'A-rated' system.

The Government's Boiler Scrappage Scheme has already triggered some companies to complement, and in some cases match, the offer and it is expected others will follow suit.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said today's announcement would slash household energy bills and carbon emissions while providing an important boost for the British heating industry. "The scheme shows how this Government continues to invest in the British industries and jobs of the future," he said.

Climate Secretary Ed Miliband said the scheme would save around £200 off heating bills per year for families that are replacing their old boilers.

He suggested it would save the same amount of carbon equivalent to taking around 45,000 cars off the road.

Fraser Winterbottom, Chief Operating Officer, Energy Saving Trust said: "We know that people will act on larger energy efficiency measures like replacing boilers when they are both good for the environment and cost effective for them.

"They also need to be able to trust the claims that are made around energy efficiency measures."

Roger Webb, from the Heating and Hot Water Industry Council, added: "We are delighted that the government is giving the green light to enable householders to replace an old inefficient boiler with a new energy efficient model and by doing so recognising that a new boiler can really improve energy efficiency."


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