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Call For Customers To Help Fight Winter Leaks

Thames Water today called on its 13.8 million customers to help it fight leakage this winter by reporting burst or leaking water pipes when they spot them.

Britain's biggest water and sewerage company said bursts on its ageing 20,000-mile network of pipes had doubled since the current freezing weather began.

Jerry White, Thames Water's Head of Operational Control, said: "Since last weekend leaks reported to us from customers have doubled and this has doubled our engineers' workload. We are prepared for this, having significantly increased the number of leakage crews working across our London and Thames Valley supply region at the end of October - before it got cold rather than when.

"Although this forward-planning has helped, we still really need our customers' help in the fight against leakage this winter.

"So if you see a leak or burst, don't assume we know about it. Instead call our freephone 24-hour Leakline on 0800 714 614 so we can get on with fixing it as quickly as we can. Remember, though, that the icy conditions can prevent engineers moving around as easily as they'd like, so please bear with us."

A targeted programme is under way across London boroughs and in the Thames Valley to find and fix both visible and invisible leaks.

Jerry added: "Not all leaks are obvious. A lot are underground and unseen. So as well as tackling the obvious leaks that spill water out over a road or pavement, our engineers are now also trying to find and fix less obvious, underground leaks.

"If left unchecked, unseen leaks can soon become big, visible bursts, so by fixing them before they get worse we hope to minimise really serious disruption.

"Inevitably, however, our work will cause some disruption to road-users and residents for which we apologise in advance. There'll also be some early starts. Again, we're sorry for that too. This is must-do work so we'd ask people to bear with us."


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21 June 2006
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Thames Water has missed its target for reducing leaks for the third consecutive year, it has been revealed. The water firm had a target, set by water regulator Ofwat, of losing no more than 860 million litres of water per day. However, the company missed its target by 34 m l/d. However, Thames Water also announced a 31% rise in profits to £346.
13 March 2006
Thames Water announces hosepipe ban
Britain's largest water company, Thames Water, has announced that it will introduce a hosepipe ban, amid growing fears that the south east of England could face a drought this summer. Around eight million customers in the Thames Water area will be affected by the ban, which will ban the use of hosepipes and sprinklers from April 3.
08 May 2012
Data Reveals Very Low Targets For Stopping Water Leakage
Data obtained by the Guardian newspaper reveals that more than half of water companies will not be required to reduce their leakages by a single drop before 2015, despite the worst drought in 25 years. The information, which came from regulator Ofwat, also shows the entire water industry will cut leaks by only 1.5% in that time. 3.
21 August 2014
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Some 500 homes in Blaenau Gwent are without gas after a burst water pipe leaked water into the gas supply. Engineers from Wales and West Utilities are working to fix the problem, but have described the job as "complex". Gas customers in the Nantyglo area are being urged to make sure their gas supply is turned off.
04 July 2006
No leakage fine for Thames Water
Thames Water has escaped being fined by regulator Ofwat for failing to meet its targets on leakage reduction. However, Ofwat has ordered the firm to invest a further £150 million in order to reduce leaks. Thames Water had been facing the prospect of being fined £140 million. The news is likely to lead to criticism of Thames Water.
17 April 2012
Millions Of Customers Mis-sold Water Pipe Insurance
A watchdog has found that millions of British homeowners have been missold expensive and potentially unnecessary water pipe insurance of around £35 a year. Which? has found 10 of the 12 largest water companies promoted the supply pipe insurance, despite many customers automatically being covered by their free policies.
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A government body has issued advice for the public to avoid frozen pipes this winter. According to a pre-winter-warning from the Consumer Council, cold weather can wreak havoc on water pipes but by following a few simple steps, you can minimise risk to your home, heating and water supply when the weather takes a turn for the worse.
14 July 2005
Water firms missing leakage reduction targets
Two English water companies have missed targets to reduce leakage, industry watchdog Ofwat has warned. United Utilities Water, in the north west of England, reported increased leakage and missed its target by 30 megalitres per day (Ml/d), for the third year running.
18 January 2007
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04 August 2004
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01 March 2006
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24 February 2006
Environment Agency calls for hosepipe ban
The Environment Agency has called for hosepipe bans to be introduced in southeast England, amid fears that the region could face serious water shortages this summer. The call was made as it emerged that some areas of the South East have experienced their driest period since 1921.
14 September 2006
Thames reservoir plan 'cautiously' welcomed
A plan to build a reservoir has received a cautious welcome from the The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater) as part of balanced water resources programme. The CCWater today gave a cautious welcome to Thames Water's proposal for a new reservoir near Abingdon, Oxfordshire.
13 March 2012
Water Restrictions Expected To Spread
The environment agency has said hosepipe bans and water restrictions could reach as far north as Yorkshire if the prolonged dry weather continues. South-east of England and East Anglia are already in the grip of the UK’s worst drought in 30 years.
27 June 2008
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Ultra-violet light is being used to treat infected tap water at a Northamptonshire plant. Anglican Water say the technology is a "well-known" cure for the cryptosporidium parasite which is affecting supplies to around 108,000 properties or 250,000 customers.