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About Commercial Connections Ltd

Noise problem? No Problem.

Commercial Connections Ltd delivers effective acoustic performance to architectural, public sector and industrial projects across the UK & Ireland. We supply soundproofing, fire and thermal products to projects of all scales, from local schools and village halls, to clients such as Danske Bank, Google and Queen's University, Belfast. Our consultants will help you to implement the right solution.

As well as sound testing, we also offer acoustic design advice to help you to meet performance requirements for existing projects, notably for compliance with Part G 2012, BB93 Acoustic Design of Schools, and BS8233 for Open Plan Offices.

Audiometric screening, hand arm vibration tests, and noise at work assessments are also available, enabling you to identify problem areas, reduce health risks, and meet legal requirements in your working environment.

Soundproofing and Acoustics
Soundproofing is a key consideration when designing or renovating rooms and spaces in buildings. Reducing sound reverberation and controlling noise is needed to ensure a pleasant environment and meet legal requirements, notably Building Regulations Part G 2012, BB93 Acoustic Design of Schools, and BS8233 for Open Plan Offices.

There are two areas to consider:
  • Internal Room Acoustics - noise and reverberation inside a room.
  • Reducing noise - noise between rooms, through walls, floors, doors, and ceilings.

Soundproofing and Acoustic Products
We supply acoustic panels, soundproofing products, and thermal/fire products to help with a range of commercial, industrial and domestic projects. Our acoustic consultancy will help you choose the right product for soundproofing walls, floors, ceilings and doors.

Sound Testing, Noise Surveys and Hand Arm Vibration Testing
We offer consultancy for sound tests, noise surveys, hand arm vibration assessments, and other services for building regulations and health and safety.

Commercial Connections Ltd offers acoustic consultancy services to help you solve a variety of acoustic and noise problems.

Feasibility noise surveys at Stage 1, along with an appropriate consultant's report for supporting information in a a planning application.
Assistance with design developments to RIBA Stage 2 for Acoustic Criteria plans and performance requirements.
Development of detail designs in conjunction with the rest of the design team, with the conclusion of a frozen design BB93 Acoustic Report, suitable for both pre-tender appointment and exemplar design for submission as part of the building control approval process.
Site visits during construction phase of critical detailing.
Post Completion Testing in accordance with education authority requirements and Regulation 52 of Part G 2012.
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