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About Commercial Connections Ltd

Commercial Connections Ltd offers acoustic consultancy services with SITRI certification and sound insulation products to Belfast, Northern Ireland, and across Ireland. Our acoustic consultancy services include acoustic design review, noise at work assessments, hearing tests and machinery hand arm vibration tests, and our diverse catalogue of acoustic products from a range of specialist manufacturers ensures the best soundproofing solution can be found for any project.

Commercial Connections Ltd supplies a complete range of acoustic flooring materials suitable for insulating concrete and timber floor details. We supply noise control products by CMS Danskin, Rubbertech, Hush, and SRS, whose specalist solutions will enable you to reduce noise reverberation in your project.

Commercial Connections Ltd distributes a range of sound proofing panels for acoustically insulating walls and ceilings, from acoustic material manufacturers such as Soundsorba, allowing you to choose the right sound absorbing solution for your building. Good room acoustics is now a key requirement of B.B.93 (BB93) Acoustic Design of schools.

Commercial Connections Ltd supplies a range of movable walls, folding partitions, accordion and concertina walls, providing a solution for acoustic performance requirements, as well as space dividing designs with an an aesthetic finish.

Internal Building
Commercial Connections Ltd distributes wall, ceiling and floor panels, as well as sound reducing doors and windows, to provide noise reduction systems to a variety of projects.

Commercial Connections Ltd offers a range of sound testing and acoustic consultancy services with SITRI certification in the Belfast area, across Northern Ireland, and the rest of Ireland. Services include noise at work assessments (acoustic noise control), sound insulation testing, and health-surveillance in the form of hand-arm vibration testing and hearing tests.

Acoustic Building Design Advice - Commercial Connections Ltd offers acoustic consultancy for architects, contractors and developers, to ensure Building Regulations Part G compliance, demonstrating the acoustic strengths and weaknesses in the approach to building design.

  • Offers impartial advice on acoustics at the building design stage
  • Services available for new build, refurbishing, and reverberation
  • Comprehensive Part G design reports produced

Sound Testing - Building Regulations Part G/TGD Section E 2014
James Reynolds from provides sound testing, a requirement to meet Building Regulations Part G and TGD Section E 2014, carried out by certified and professionally qualified testers.
  • Ensures acoustic performance requirements are met
  • Helps avoid having to rebuild structures caused by failed tests
  • On-site remedial advice

Specialist Internal Room Acoustic Modelling
Acoustic modelling services allow for specialist modelling of the acoustics within a building. Acoustic modelling can then be used to provide the most appropriate acoustic solution to the project. This is a valuable service to determine various acoustic environments with different sources of sound, such as libraries, conference halls, and studios.

  • Simulates the building's acoustics
  • Creates an overview of the acoustics within the building design
  • Allows for project estimations at a relatively low cost

Noise At Work Assessment
Commercial Connections Ltd provides noise at work assessments to help employers meet their legal requirements, and reduce noise levels and associated health risks in the working environment through appropriate noise testing.

Industrial Audiometric Screening
Industrial audiometric screening takes place on your site, and offers more than just basic hearing screening. Specialist equipment is used in an insulated mobile clinic, incorporating an IAC diagnostic audiology booth, similar to those used within hospitals and private clinics.

  • Planned and limited interruption to the busy working day - no employees need to leave the work site
  • Diagnostic level clinic ensures very accurate measurements, with the advantage of meaningful comparisons for future screening and monitoring
  • Referral service offered in the same testing environment, allowing for retesting of employees with H.S.E. categorisation, allowing for identification of employees at genuine risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Hand Arm Vibration
Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) is a wide spread hazard for employees in many industries and occupations. HAV exposure at work can arise from the use of handheld power tools, hand-guided machinery, and hand-fed machines, such as angle grinders or lawnmowers.

  • Offers Institute of Acoustics trained persons, competent in the management of occupational exposure to hand-arm vibration
  • Exposure assessment advice offered to relevant health and safety personnel within a company
  • PhD Associate Consultant in vibration for expert witness

Environmental Noise Sound Impact Assessments
Suitable assessment for planning and industrial noise mitigation.

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