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About ATS Trusses

At ATS Trusses, we have over 50 collective years of design experience in our office based team. We have an excellent reputation for reliability and quality. Our workforce is well trained and committed to providing you with a top-quality product and service you can rely on.

From our 13,000 sq ft facility based in Craigavon, we can supply and deliver our products to anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

We offer a full range of engineered timber products, including Trusses, I-Joints, Glulam Beams, Feature Trusses and Metal Web Joists. All our products are manufactured using top quality Sustainably Sourced Timber.

ATS Trusses are suppliers of Glulam Beams. When designing a roof, Glulam is a cost effective alternative to steel, thus providing a complete timber solution from just one supplier. Glulam is probably the most aesthetically-pleasing way of building all sorts of developments, and can be used for feature beams in all types of commercial and residential projects, such as sun-rooms, sports halls, swimming pools, etc.

I Joists
ATS Trusses design and supply Boise Engineered Wood Products. I-Joists are a structurally-engineered joist that are manufactured to precise specifications using high-quality laminated veneer flanges bonded to an orientated strand board web.

This product eliminates the inherent problems that plague solid timber joists, such as shrinking, twisting, cupping and bowing, all of which contribute to squeaking floors.

Light in weight, yet immensely strong, the long-length BCI Joists are quick and easy to install. ATS Trusses supply engineered wood products in precise pre-cut component packages, complete with a computer generated layout.

Straight and true BCI Joists create flat floors and even ceilings. Pre-stamped holes in the OSB web allows speedy installation of wiring and plumbing. Other holes can be made in the web to accommodate larger services if required.

ATS Trusses will liaise with the customer to determine the specification required and will advise on the correct installation methods for this top quality product.

Metal Web Joists
Suitable for both domestic and commercial use, metal web joists facilitate easy installation of services and produce a lightweight floor system in lengths up to 12 metres (available in various depths for design flexibility). Metal web floor beams are an “OPEN” web floor product with the benefits of lightweight kiln dried stress graded timber chords combined with the stiffness of a metal web construction.

These qualities combine to provide a high strength, lightweight floor beam that is engineered to precise dimensions, in short or continuous lengths, that provide the facility for fast and easy installation of services such as pipes, cabling trunking and ducts. The long lengths and wide joist widths improve the quality and speed of both floor decking and plasterboard ceilings, making this a very desirable floor system for both domestic and commercial applications.

Roof Trusses
ATS Trusses design and manufacture Roof Trusses, ranging from a simple garage roof through to highly creative and complex designs for prestigious and luxury developments.

ATS Trusses provide a free estimating service (carried out by our team of skilled and experienced staff), as well as a site survey before manufacture, for your piece of mind.

Using the latest CNC Sawing Equipment and Gang-Nail Sprint Equipment, ATS Trusses are able to produce high quality roof trusses effectively and consistently, with minimum waste, at a competitive price.

All trusses and joists are manufactured under strict CE guidelines, using only high quality, imported, kiln dried timbers.

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