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About The Piano Doctor Ltd

The Piano Doctor offers a full range of services including piano tuning, repairs, regulation and more. The team at The Piano Doctor are available for expert help and advice, and provide services in Northern Ireland and counties Monaghan, Louth and Donegal. If you are looking to purchase a piano and would like expert advice before doing so, or you have a piano that needs to be serviced.

The Piano Doctor
Mark McKeown MA BMus DipPT CPT began taking a keen interest in keyboard instruments since the age of 4. Since then he has led a music-driven life, studying music all the way up to a Bachelor of Music degree. Having sung and played with orchestras, he is trained in piano, keyboard, celeste, clarinet and saxophone, as well as orchestral conducting.

In 2005 Mark moved to Canada to pursue training as a piano technician. During his time at UWO, Mark attended the Steinway factory, Steinway Hall and the Yamaha performers' studio (all based in New York) and attended seminars given by some of the leading piano technicians on the continent.

Connor McCann is originally from Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, and studied journalism at Stirling University & Glasgow Clyde College. He began his working life as a journalist with Dundee Evening Telegraph, before moving to the Herald & Times in Glasgow.
A more-than proficient pianist, after moving to N.I. Connor set about exploring how to get in to Piano Technology. As an extremely difficult enterprise to achieve without a qualified mentor, through sheer single-minded determination Connor secured for himself an apprenticeship position at “Jeffers of Bandon” in Cork.
During his time there, he learned & practised the intricacies of piano tuning, action regulation, troubleshooting action issues, and small- & large-scale repairs. He joined The Piano Doctor team shortly after his completion.
He is experienced with many makes and models of piano, and brings with his work a noteworthy meticulousness and attention to detail.


The services The Piano Doctor Ltd specialises in are:
  • Tuning pianos
  • Action regulation
  • Piano repairs
  • Advice on buying a piano
  • Piano maintenance
  • Restoration
  • Assessments/appraisals

Professional Piano Tuning Service
The Piano Doctor provides a five-star service in Northern Ireland and counties Monaghan, Louth and Donegal. If you are in need of a professional to tune your piano. If you have a piano for personal or professional use, it is extremely important to arrange for it to be tuned regularly by a qualified piano tuner. The environment in which you keep your piano, its age and how frequently it is played can all have an effect on the tuning.

The team at The Piano Doctor Ltd has developed an array of knowledge over many years of experience, tuning different styles and makes of pianos, including Steinway, Bechstein, Blüthner, Yamaha and Kawai. They also offer expert advice on piano tuning, and any repairs that your piano may need.

Piano Regulation
After a while, due to general playing of the piano and with temperature variations, the constant swelling and shrinking of the wood, compacting of cloth and felt, and the wearing of pins on which the hammers and other parts pivot, your instrument may start to feel ‘sluggish’ to play. Regulation refers to adjusting the thousands of mechanical parts of the piano to bring the instrument back to its optimum playing condition.

If you are having difficulty controlling your playing in soft passages of music, or cannot achieve the trill you are aiming for in faster passages, it is possible that your piano needs to be regulated (although, you do actually have to practise as well!!!!). If you are experiencing these problems and feel as though your piano is not responsive to the touch or reacting in the way you expect, contact The Piano Doctor today.

Piano Repairs
Is your piano in need of repairs? The Piano Doctor Ltd can repair all kinds of pianos. Specialists in the field, your piano is in safe hands. As time goes on it is inevitable that your piano will be subject to some wear and tear, be it big or small, that will have an effect on different parts of the piano. As with all mechanical devices, these deteriorations will affect how the piano sounds or plays, or both.

By repairing or reconditioning old parts where possible, you can cut the cost of purchasing and fitting brand new parts. It is important to be mindful that the monetary value of your piano may dictate whether or not it is viable to engage in certain more major repairs. Anything can be repaired on your piano but for example, replacing the pin block of a 50 year old upright piano may, and in most cases probably would, cost more than the piano is actually worth.

Piano Restoration
The Piano Doctor team has the experience and care to restore your treasured piano for a longer life. Bringing a valued piano back to near original condition is a responsibility that they take very seriously. Many pianos are family treasures and have been passed down from generation to generation. As with any careful restoration, it does take time to complete – so wherever you are in Northern Ireland, they can arrange for the collection and return of your piano for your convenience.

  • Soundboard repairs
  • Complete re-string
  • Pinblock replacements
  • Cabinet refinishes & French polishing
  • Replacement hammer sets
  • Replacing tapes, springs, felts and cloths

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