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028 9086 5557
028 9086 5557
07789 717478
61C Lynda Meadows,
County Antrim
BT37 0AT

About Erne Rope Access Ltd

What is Rope Access?
Rope Access is a form of specialised rope technique that allows experienced workers to access hard to reach locations using methods derived from climbing and caving.

Rope access enables access to areas that are not easily accessed by traditional methods such as the use of scaffolding and cherry pickers.

The use of rope access reduces the time spent setting up and dismantling access systems. It ensures repairs are tackled swiftly and with minimal disruption to normal operations. It provides cost saving on projects through the elimination or reduction of scaffolding.

Erne Rope Access Ltd ImageErne Rope Access Ltd Image
Erne Rope Access Ltd ImageErne Rope Access Ltd Image

Services / Consultancy
  • Rope access support services/working at height supervision and consultancy

  • Confined space services

  • Inspection and Surveying

  • Rigging & lifting

  • Rigging and installation of outdoor media and banners

  • Off-shore rope access contracting

  • Testing and instillation of fall arrest anchors and lifelines

  • Geotechnical and rock stabilisation rope access services

  • Non-destructive testing

Maintenance and Repair
  • Construction remedial works

  • Cleaning at height

  • Window cleaning using rope access techniques

  • Specialist atrium maintenance

  • Industrial Painting using rope access and industrial climbing techniques

  • High pressure hose cleaning

  • Cleaning and maintenance of wind turbines

  • Climbing wall maintenance

Erne Rope Access are willing to offer advice and site visits to discuss your particular needs regarding all aspects of rope access and working at height.

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