Lowes of Larne, Larne

Lowes of Larne Contact Details

028 28 275 298
07779 762 440
Lowes of Larne Business Park,
2 Ballyboley Road
County Antrim
BT40 2SY

About Lowes of Larne

About us
The company started back in 1989 by Kenny Lowe, working from home, and has gone from strength to strength due to customer satisfaction and the growth of our customer base. Lowe's has continued to grow and grow and, as such, has required several moves to accommodate this.

The company is a family-run business which currently employs more than 15 people, providing a reliable and friendly service to all its customers, new and old alike. But still to this day, everything is overseen by the Lowe family to make sure customers still receive that one-to-one service started back in 1989 by Kenny, and that they do not become an anonymous face in this fast-moving world, because every customer is valued by us.

Lowe's of Larne currently have a number of businesses:
  • Lowe's of Larne Car Sales
  • Lowe's of Larne Financial Services (Finance for Cars and Vans)
  • Lowe's of Larne Car Repairs
  • Lowe's of Larne Bodyshop
  • Lowe's of Larne Capri Specialists
  • Lowe's of Larne Recovery Service
  • Lowe's of Larne Second Hand Spares
  • Lowe's of Larne Executive Villas (Orlando, Florida)
  • Lowe's of Larne Tyre and Auto Complex

As Lowe's of Larne looks to improve its service to customer, we will be providing additional services in the near future, so watch this space for details!

Our Services:

Repair Centre
We can provide you with the complete repair package, from recovering your car and repairing, to just repairing your car from as little as a scratch to major damage.

Let us take the strain out of this for you.

We repair all makes of cars and vans. Our bodyshop can repair and fit new parts and panels as required.

Free courtesy car while you car is in our bodyshop!

We also do a full range of customised work, i.e. body kits, spoilers, bonnet vents (both modified or custom built)

With over 30 years' experience in this field, we're sure we can accommodate your every need.

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