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Marc OReilly
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About MOR Garage Doors

Based in Middletown, Co. Armagh, M.O.R. Garage Doors have been manufacturing, supplying and fitting doors and shutters for domestic, industrial and commercial customers throughout the island of Ireland since 2007.

In addition to supplying and fitting new doors, M.O.R. Garage Doors can repair existing doors or shutters that have failed or been damaged. We can also upgrade your existing doors or shutters by retro-fitting items such as motors/sensors, etc.

Industrial Roller Shutters - Insulated
Our insulated industrial roller doors are made from 77mm galvanised steel double-skinned sections with a hot injection polyurethane central core. This bonds to the internal face for the section, giving additional strength and rigidity.

Motor and Controls
  • Pre-wired 3 Phase of Single Phase industrial door motor.
  • Anti-fall safety brake.
  • The standard door operation is hold on to run to close and automatic open.

Optional Extras
  • Remote Control
  • Safety-edge system
  • Radar operation
  • Open from mobile phone

Industrial Roller Shutters – Non-Insulated
Our industrial doors are made from 75mm galvanised laths and run in 75mm or 100mm guide-rails. They are operated by a chain-driven industrial motor as standard. All roller-shutter doors should be fitted with a safety brake, and in most cases this brake should be wired to the motor. These come as standard on all our doors. We also have remote control options and PVC-coated laths in a range of colours. All our industrial doors come with a two-year warranty.

High Speed Doors
Our high-speed doors provide a draft-free environment and save valuable time in through-traffic areas. This ensures efficient movement of traffic from one area to the next, and saves both energy and labour costs. These doors have high thermal insulating properties and plenty of optional components, making them perfect for both internal, external, normal and climate-controlled areas.

Security Shutters
M.O.R. Garage Doors can supply and install a wide range of security shutters. These shutters are similar products to our non-insulated industrial roller doors. These shutters are perfect for securing your windows and doors at your premises (whether that be a commercial building, retail outlet or sports club). The shutter is made using cold-formed steel laths, which can be either sprayed or PVC coated to a colour of your choosing or galvanised. In addition to solid laths, perforated or brickbond options are available.

Security Doors
M.O.R. Garage Doors can also supply and fit steel security doors. These doors and frames are manufactured from galvanised steel, and come with a 10-point locking system and interlocking anti-jimmy studs, making them very secure and ensuring that forced entry is difficult. These doors are perfect for factories and can also be used for domestic garages and sheds.

Should you require additional security, a digital keypad can also be supplied and fitted. The keypads have backlighting, incorrect-code lockout and up to 10 user codes.

M.O.R. Garage Doors can manufacture, supply and fit the following products, which can all be made to fit any size opening and colour you require:

Insulated Sectional Doors
Our sectional garage doors are modern, stylish and energy efficient. A typical sectional garage door consists of 4-5 insulated panels which are laid on top of each other and attached by hinges. To ensure safety, the top and bottom of each panel are specially shaped to minimise the risk of catching fingers.

Below are some of the benefits of our insulated sectional doors:
  • Insulated – keeps the cold out.
  • Fully sealed – all round weather seals for complete draught proofing.
  • Low maintenance – only the occasional wash is necessary.
  • Secure – fitted with an anti-theft locking system.
  • Safe – specially shaped panels to minimise the risk of catching fingers.
  • Fully automated – remote-control operation from your car or indoors.

Domestic Roller Doors
Our domestic insulated roller doors are made from individual double-skinned foam-filled aluminium laths. They are low maintenance and make minimum noise during operation. The high-performance weatherstripping in the guides ensures a good level of sealing, and, when closed, the door has excellent acoustic and thermal properties.

Should your existing door have sustained damage, or not be operating properly, M.O.R. Garage Doors are able to repair all types of doors, both industrial and domestic, including 'up and over' garage doors.

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