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About Northern Ireland Aerial Photography

We’re a small hard working dedicated team, committed to offering the very best service on every project, to ensure our clients have complete satisfaction

I am a professional drone operator with 7 years’ experience of drone flying. I can operate safely in the UK and with full public liability insurance, giving my clients complete peace of mind as well as stunning aerial photographs and videos. I am willing to travel anywhere in the North and I am available at the weekends. The following video is an example of the many productions we have completed using both our Aerial and land cameras.

We team up with ShutterSpeed Ireland and Merglan Media to provide video footage for clients worldwide from ShutterSpeed Irelands Website.

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Why You Should Use Aerial Photography
Aerial photography offers excellent marketing opportunities for your business and will display your property from a new perspective.

Aerial photography will enhance your current projects from new heights. Drone photography mixed with quality 4k video taken by our land cameras will make an excellent promotional video of your business. Hotels and other accommodation providers in Leisure & Tourism will appreciate this new modern approach to the industry.

Site mapping and Roofing Inspections in the Construction world will find that Aerial Photography is an efficient and economic answer to conventional problems. Should you require a drone for aerial shots, contact Northern Ireland Aerial Photography today!

Aerial photography. What it can do for you.
Aerial photography is not new. It was used as far back as the first world war. Flimsy unstable aircraft would cross enemy lines to get photo reconnaissance of the opposition’s position.

Getting the film footage back to HQ and subsequent processing took a long time. By the time the generals saw the grainy prints the enemy had long gone. How things have changed.

Aerial photography is an essential part of the modern approach to business. If you should require high quality aerial images for multi-media or social media use, or other photographic sources, contact us and we would be pleased to offer advice. Aerial photography services can be a great way to show off what you can do. We specialize in landscape, commercial, and construction aerial photography, which also Includes a Thermal Imaging Camera operator.

We are also involved in special event aerial photography where it is necessary to have a birds eye view of such things as crowd control. In the Construction world, Site and Roofing Inspections are time consuming and in many circumstances, hazardous workplaces with unfortunate incidences over the years. Roof inspections and building surveys can now be carried out in a safe and sound.

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