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About DNR Solutions Ltd


DNR Solutions (UK) Ltd are a well established, dynamic Private Investigation Agency with a proven reputation in providing a high quality, cost effective service for the Corporate, Insurance, Legal & Private sectors.

DNR Solutions (UK) Limited are seasoned professional private investigators in Northern Ireland and have been specially selected with proven records in their field of expertise. DNR Solutions (UK) Limited also maintain a network of highly trained operatives situated in cities throughout Europe and Northern Ireland. These private detectives, private investigator specialists can be deployed at short notice to respond to your needs.

Insurance Fraud Covert Surveillance Services in Northern Ireland.
Premiums have increased due to false or exaggerated personal injury fraud claims, covering home, motor and business accident policies. In some cases claimants would suffer a genuine accident that was not their fault, but then exaggerate their injuries or the time it has taken them to recover.

DNR Solutions (UK) Limited are proud that we have been given the opportunity by our clients to obtain Independent, objective evidence in order to prove, disprove or validate a claim.

DNR Solutions (UK) Limited offer a specialist covert surveillance service which has been proven to provide reliable evidence of the claimants movements. All evidence will be recorded and a detailed report prepared. Clients will also be provided with quality video footage in DVD format.

Every member of the team has years of experience in these types of claims and are fully conversant in all current laws and legislation.

DNR Solutions (UK) Limited understand that consideration should be given to those employees who are absent reportedly "sick", whether it is short term or long term absenteeism. However, do they set a frequent pattern of absence, or is there a lack of physical symptoms? Experience has shown that these individuals are quite often malingering or working elsewhere.

“An employee has been sick for a long time and you are unsure of when they will return. You are not convinced of the validity of their absence. What can you do and how can you combat your business being affected by this”

DNR Solutions private detectives will undertake discreet surveillance. In most cases an employee confronted with video evidence of them out and about, or working for another company during periods of alleged sickness, will be sufficient to prevent further fraud. This will also act as a deterrent to other employees contemplating the same course of action.

All the video evidence DNR Solutions (UK) Limited provide in these cases can be used during any disciplinary proceedings and has been in Northern Ireland on a number of cases.

DNR Solutions (UK) Limited provide a comprehensive and professional range of services which includes Process Serving in Northern Ireland.

We offer a Northern Ireland based process serving facility to:
  • Solicitors
  • Private companies
  • Private individuals
  • Banks

These will be on a fixed fee basis including any sworn affidavits. We are able to provide a service to serve your important legal documents anywhere in the Country.

Once DNR Solutions (UK) limited receive your documents they will be secured by one of our experienced process servers who will attempt to make service of your documents as you instruct. If you have important legal documents that need serving quickly then contact us today.

DNR Solutions (UK) Limited offer a wide range of tracing services which will help you solve problems; our tracing agents are experienced investigators who can help locate your subject for a variety of reasons which include:
  • Debtors
  • Gone Away
  • Missing People

1. On receipt of your instruction our tracers will carry out electronic data searches to obtain any forwarding addresses (fixed fee).

2. A field visit will then be conducted where discreet inquiries will take place in order to confirm your subject is at the address obtained (fixed fee).

The Benefits of our services are:
  • Help save unnecessary costs in the future.
  • Receiving a fast and effective service.
  • Reduction in write off accounts.
  • Increased profitability.
  • Competitive fees.

In conclusion, if you require a professional Northern Ireland based tracing service contact us.

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