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028 94 454 278
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About Gridmat Ireland

If you have ever been familiar with gravel driveways in the past you will perhaps also be familiar with the maintenance issues such as rutting, potholes, and compacting which would somewhat discourage an attractive stoned approach or parking area as a choice for your project. Gridmat Ireland can offer an excellent cost effective solution to these issues in the form of a durable low maintenance stabilisation grid system. When applied this grid retains the gravel (or grass) in place so there is simply no chance of migration, pothole formation or mud accumulation. Gridmat has been tested to to be effective on a slope gradient of up to 1 in 8. A thin layer of gravel of your choice over the surface will provide a beautiful stoned area at a very competitive price against any other surface options.

Benefits include:
  • *Durability - this grid is UV resistant with an unfilled load bearing weight of 320 tons/sq mtr. and has many years life expectation.

  • *Cost effective: against other options such as Tarmac, pressed concrete, and block paving a Gridmat application with labour and materials proves to be very favorably priced.

  • *Easily assembled and Laid: once ground is levelled and prepared Gridmat can be assembled at a rate of 50+sq metres per hour by one person.

  • *Low Maintenance: This product will provide an area which is resistant to potholes, tyre rutting, weed and moss growth, cracks and compacting. Any slight migration of top surface gravel is easily remedied by use of a stiff brush rather than heavy raking.

  • *Permeable and Eco friendly: Gridmat is a SUDS compliant ground surface solution which allows water to soak through and back to the water table. It is UK manufactured from recycled 100% post consumer waste and is also recyclable.

  • *Versatility: Gridmat has a variety of uses such as for driveways; paths; parks; shed bases; caravan parks and anywhere a strong permeable ground surface is required.

Gridmats are the ideal plastic paving system which is used to stabilise the ground to create the perfect gravel driveway by locking the gravel in place, eliminating the migration of the gravel and stopping the gravel from rutting and potholing.

Gridmat Permeable Paving Solution is ideal for grass driveway and gravel driveways. Manufactured in the UK from 100 % recycled polyolefin and has been engineered as a lightweight durable, weatherproof permeable paving solution. Colour options are:
  • Grey / Black
  • Green
Gridmat Plastic Paving System is able to support a 320 tonne loadbearing capacity per m2 when unfilled, with a compression strength of up to 10 tonnes axle load in accordance with Din 1072.

Gridmat are fully compliant with new planning requirements surrounding driveways to the front of properties and comply with the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, encouraging the use of permeable surfaces to mitigate against flooding.

Gridmat can be either gravel or grass infilled and are a durable and eco-friendly alternative surface for permanent and overspill car parks, private driveways, emergency vehicle access lanes, golf buggy paths, helicopter pads, cycle routes, pathways, verge stabilisation and many other uses.

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