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At Hagan's Autos we specialise in turbo reconditioning and Dpf removal in vehicles including Mazda, Volkswagen, Ford, Peugeot, Seat and more. We also specialise in Mazda 6 diesel engine reconditioning and have over 20 years experience in turbo reconditioning and engine reconditioning.

Turbo reconditioning and turbo repair in modern vehicles is increasing through out Northern Ireland and Ireland. The number of vehicles which are fitted with a turbo range from BMW to Ford, Citroen to Peugeot and Mazda to VW and unfortunately at some point you will need a reconditioned turbo for any of these vehicles. Hagan’s auto specialize in turbo reconditioning ,turbo repair and Dpf removal in most modern vehicles through Northern Ireland and Ireland. Turbo reconditioning and Dpf removal is done in house and we have many years experience in turbo reconditioning and Dpf removal in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

DPF system stands for Diesel particulate filter, a DPF system is very necessary for modern vehicles because it filters the soot particles produced after combustion, the soot and fine particles are then burnt in the DPF regeneration process. Soot particles generate when you continuously do a lot of start and stop driving which cause the soot particles to build up in the DPF filter and cause it to partially block even after regeneration, when this happens it can be very expensive to replace a DPF filter, so your only solution is to have the DPF removed.

Mazda 2.2 Engine Reconditioning
Like all skills and procedures they are pasted down from generation to generation, and the problems which seem to occur with those skills and procedures are also pasted down from generation to generation. The Mazda 6 is well known for its engine failure, this unfortunate occurrence seems to be pasted down to the Mazda 3 2.2 Sport from its older brother the 2.0 liter diesel.

Turbo Repairs and Turbo Reconditioning
Turbo repairing or turbo reconditioning is getting more common in modern vehicles throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland, the variety of vehicles which need turbo reconditioning seem to range from BMW 320d to Peugeot 308 1.6 HDI At Hagans Autos, we offer a turbo reconditioning service for BMW, Peugeot, Ford, Citroen and more which will repair your turbo to brand new before you decide on how you're going to get your turbo repaired the first thing is to give you a basic introduction into how a turbo works.. The wasted exhaust gases from your engine pass through the variable vanes and begin spinning the turbine, this in turn spins the turbine shaft.

Dpf Removal Northern Ireland
A diesel particulate filter is a filter system which filters and reduces the soot particles from the vehicle which is produced by the diesel engines. Some DPF's needs an additive in order to burn off the harmful soot particles and some are fitted closer to the engine so that the exhaust gasses remain hot enough to burn off the carbon soot particles. If the dpf light on your Mazda, Seat Leon or Volkswagen has come on, Or If you have a flashing DPF light and your vehicle is in limp home mode, then you need the DPF remove. Hagan’s autos DPF remove experts and technicians are specialist in Mazda 6, Seat, Volkswagen, Bmw, we also expert Peugeot Citroen C4 Dpf removal.

Their workshop is located at 83 Irish Hill Road, Straid which is only a few miles from Ballyclare and the main Mallusk roundabout - the workshop is ran by Colin Hagan who is well versed in turbo reconditioning and general engineering.

The demand for turbo reconditioning and turbo repair in most modern diesel cars through Northern Ireland and Ireland is rising. There is a vast range of turbos used in modern vehicles and the turbo parts manufacturing market can struggle to keep up with the demand. Hagan's Autos specialise in turbo repairs, turbo reconditioning and DPF removal in all modern diesel vehicles.

Over the past few years there has been an increase in turbo repairs and DPF problems in modern vehicles from Mazda to BMW, from Peugeot to Ford. These vehicles seem to suffer DPF problems and turbo repairs but Hagan's Autos have many years' experience in turbo reconditioning and DPF removals in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

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Reviews of Hagans Autos

Star Rating
John Gillmore
My Mazda 6 suffered complete engine failure about 6 weeks ago, I found Hagans Autos who
specialize in Mazda 2.2 engine reconditioning, they collected my car from Croydon in London, brought
it to Ireland and rebuilt the engine then returned it to me. I have been driving the car for 3 weeks now
and its like a different car, more responsive and more top end power so I am well pleased with the
Star Rating
John whyte
Brought my Nissan to Colin in January with dreaded DPF problems. He sorted it out for me. Car is like New and MPG has improved. I was worried it would fail MOT but it passed?? The day Colin took my car he even dropped me off and picked me up from train station. If that's not 5 star service I don't know what is. Thanks Colin??
Star Rating
Steven Gault
I own a very nice Mazda 6 2.2 Sport which suffered a complete engine failure earlier this year,
I took it to the mazda dealer and they where quoting crazy money to car to fix the engine.
I found Hagans Autos online who seem to specialize in Mazda 2.2 diesels.
So I left my car with them and within 3 weeks my Mazda 6
2.2 Sport was repaired and back on the for 3rd of the price Mazda where looking, Top Job.
Star Rating
Paul Nelson
My peugeot 308 was showing a depollution syystem fault, so I took it to Hagans Autos who found it
it to be a turbo problem and depollution system fault.
The problem was the dpf system was blocked which destroyed the turbo,
Colin sorted the turbo and Modified the dpf system and the car is running better than ever.
I highly recommend them.
Star Rating
Colin Peckham
Superb door to door service. Went the extra mile to make sure the job was 110% right.
Star Rating
Took my Lexus IS220 to Hagans Autos to get the dpf removed after it failed. Colin was great... very quick, friendly and professional. Thanks again Colin
Star Rating
Jim Ferguson
Just got my Mazda 6 back from Hagan's Autos after having the dpf removed, car is going great now and no more dpf lights. I would highly recommend this garage.
Star Rating
Ryan Dunlop
My Bmw 320d M sport developed a turbo problem a few weeks ago, I left my car with Colin at Hagan's Autos and it was sorted in a few days. Car is going great now, top job Colin.
Hagans Autos 5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. 8 user reviews.

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