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Legislation introduced by both the UK and Irish governments has brought the requirements of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) to the attention of all those involved in the design, construction or sales of both new and existing buildings.

The Directive has various strands implemented over a three year period with the objective to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions within both the existing stock and new builds. Designed to meet the combined challenges of climate change and a more sustainable environment, this forms an integral part of the government’s strategy to achieve the targets set within the Kyoto protocol.

With experience gained since the introduction of the New Building Regulations Part F, Atbec Limited deliver a fully co-ordinated range of services, aimed at helping architects, contractors and developers not only achieve compliance with the regulations but deliver a ‘product’ that is competitive and attractive to the end user.

We believe our offering, combined with unrivalled levels of customer service, will be of interest to those needing to demonstrate compliance with the regulations.

Enjoy the website, and please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Energy Assessments
Did you know that buildings produce nearly half of the UK’s carbon emissions? That’s almost twice that of cars and planes. The way a building is constructed, insulated, heated, ventilated and the type of fuel used, all contribute to its carbon emissions.

With the revision of the building regulations in 2006, it became a mandatory requirement to demonstrate a 20% increase in efficiency over a notional building designed under the 2000 regulations. At the design stage of any scheme, be it residential or commercial, the government have approved software to help deliver these calculations.

Air Tightness Testing
Air-tightness fan testing. With involvement from the earliest stages of any given scheme, Atbec have a proven track record of delivering compliance with the requirements under Part F (Part L in Republic of Ireland) for Air Tightness or Air Permeability Testing. Working as an integral part of the design team, we offer a range of consultancy services that ensure the air-tightness strategy is considered through the design process and is incorporated in the build in a practical and cost-effective fashion.
We would recommend that the design team agree the target air-leakage rate early in the scheme.

Acoustics & Thermographics
Although not required under current Building Regulations in Ireland, the introduction of Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM has introduced the need to undertake Sound Insulation Testing or Pre Completion testing. As qualified Code assessors, we can offer advice on how to achieve the maximum available credits, be that through increased numbers of tests or higher-performance levels. Currently the requirement is to test 1 in 10 of each different type of dwelling.

Room Integrity Testing
ICT installations. Our locally based engineers provide room-integrity testing to any size enclosure. We undertake all initial volumetric calculations and run the tests in strict accordance with the NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520 methodologies. With a diverse range of clients, including installers, facilities managers, government and healthcare departments, we have experience of all enclosure types, ranging from turbine halls in power stations, to single rooms.

Should the result, delivered within 10 minutes of the completed test, indicate a failure to meet the target retention time, a process of leakage diagnosis will be undertaken. Junctions between the floor, walls and roof deck will be checked, as will all service penetrations through the enclosure, and a report issued outlining the remedial works required to achieve compliance.
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