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About MiCal Agri

Nutrient management and nitrates plans throughout Northern Ireland

MiCal Agri is a small, independent business specialising in nutrient management services provided to all farmers throughout Northern Ireland.

Our primary goal is to bring value to the client in every task.

Modern agriculture requires technical efficiency and good data to inform decisions. Guesswork does not pay. Whether it is through measuring grass covers, taking soil samples, collecting manure/slurry/digestate samples or arranging feedstock analysis, the goal is to provide a solid basis for decision making.

The interpretation of data and the application of best practice can achieve huge efficiencies as well as significant improvements in output or production cost reductions.

Soil Sampling


The foundation of any nutrient management system. By testing soil for P, K Mg and pH, farmers have a concrete basis upon which to make decisions. Substantial improvements in efficiency can almost always be achieved through ACTION prompted by soil analysis results.

On many grassland farms, low soil pH remains a productivity handbrake. This not only impacts current productivity but inhibits reactions to soil samples showing low P levels, an increasing issue on high output grassland. This is because pH must be addressed before any action can be taken, often delaying P applications to the year AFTER the soil was tested.

Grass Measuring


This service involves walking pastures on a regular basis to assess the amount of field cover available. Pasture walking needs to be a weekly activity from around Feb/Mar through to Sep/Oct. In order to make sound management decisions, information must be recorded on a system that is accessible and easy to use. Grass wedges similar to the one opposite are created and the farmer can make sound decisions based on reliable information.

Grass measuring is the most essential tool that farmers can use to improve the efficiency of their grass production and utilisation.

AD & Biogas Services


From planning stages, right through to operation, MiCal Agri can provide technical support and analysis services for AD & Biogas operators.

Maximising the use of digestate to efficiently grow high quality feedstock requires knowledge of the nutrient content of the digestate and the nutrient requirements of the chosen crop and nutrient availability in the soil. MiCal Agri can also facilitate and service analysis programs for both digestate and feedstocks for compliance with environmental regulations.



Fed up explaining field locations to staff? Want to communicate grazing management effectively to the farm team? MiCal Agri can produce digital farm maps that can be printed onto paper or whiteboards.

Depending on the intended use, the map can be customised to suit the individual client requirements. Some are using A4 sized paper maps to record fertiliser applications on grazing land, others have a map upon which they write the grazing plan for the week ahead.

The image can also be reproduced on whiteboards, notepads or posters, ideal for sticking to the tractor window or guidance for staff, advisors or contractors.

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