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About Fernhill Stone Ltd

About Fernhill Stone
Investing in stone brickwork on your property can be costly as well as a slow process. But with the extensive variety of stone cladding available at Fernhill Stone Ltd, you can obtain the finish of your dreams for a much better price.

The team are passionate about what they do, and this shows in every task they undertake. Invest in granite, sandstone or limestone veneer to achieve an excellent finish, both inside and outside of your property.

  • Restaurants
  • Renovation
  • Interior design for homes
  • Public houses and hotels
  • Exterior walls

Commercial Ideas
The team at Fernhill Stone will work with you to help you find the perfect stone to suit your specific requirements. Investing in stone and brick cladding, like sandstone or cut granite, can enhance the exterior of your commercial property beautifully.

Using their professional knowledge, such as the need to contrast texture stone for the ultimate exterior wall finish and the requirements for retaining walls, they will apply their expert advice to any project.

Fireplace Ideas
Enhance the fireplace in your home with stone cladding to create the perfect feature. Whatever the colour scheme of the room, Fernhill has a variety of materials available to complement every taste and style.

From limestone to sandstone, the team can advise on what would be the best option to suit your home, as well as fully fitting your natural-looking stone veneer or cladding on your behalf.

When it comes to stone sealer and aftercare, we have a broad range of products to help keep your new fireplace looking pristine. Simply ask a member of our team for information regarding stone sealer, and what the best product for your is.

Alternatively, you can visit their website for advice.

Interior Ideas
Whether you are looking to enhance your staircase or other internal areas of your property, our stone veneer, thin stone or brick cladding provides a unique and high quality finish.

In addition to the full fitting service carried out by our team when you invest in our products, you can also rely on our expert advice about sealer and aftercare of your cladding.

Housing Development Ideas
Rather than spending a great deal of time incorporating costly stone to your housing development, invest in external cladding from the team at Fernhill Stone. Not only is this a much quicker option in regards to the time required to finish your project, but stone cladding is also available at a fraction of the cost of other stone options.

Whether you are looking for Ledgestone for your contemporary construction, or want to give your home a new dimension, cladding from Fernhill Stone guarantees a quality finish every time.

  • Highland Stone
  • Profit Ledgestone
  • Alpine Ledgestone
  • Vintage
  • Country Ledgestone
  • Isola
  • Coursed Weather Edged
  • Southern Ledgestone
  • Mountain & Stacked Ledgestone Mix
  • Stacked Ledgestone
  • Mixed Stone
  • Bretagne
  • Alamo
  • Vermont Deco Stone
  • Aragon Deco Stone
  • Limestone
  • Tuscany
  • Cobblefield
  • Mathios MasterBrick
  • Fernhill Brick
  • Medieval Castlestone
  • European Castlestone
  • Rockface
  • Castlestone
  • Dressed Fieldstone
  • Quarry Stone
  • Old Country Fieldstone
  • Stepping Stones Log Effect
  • Protect It – Stone & Concrete Sealer
  • Protect It – Colour Enhancer
  • Clean It – Moss & Algae Remover
  • Clean It – Surface Reviver
  • Clean It – Efflorescence Remover
  • Quoins

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Thinking of building a Surround around a new stove Fire and facing it with Stone Cladding.

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May 13, 2017
Opening Soon Display's of Fernhill Stone &Brick

One of the most difficult tasks when building or renovating a house is choosing and then finding the right stone or brick cladding. Fernhill Stone are opening a new display location at Senator Windows new showroom Dublin Rd Drogheda. Choosing your stone made easy. Visit www.fernhillstone.com for more info.
Oct 1, 2015
How to give your home a facelift with Fernhill Stone Cladding

When you feel your home needs a faclift or you have just bought a new house and you would like to make it your own. No better way than to use Fernhill Stone or brick cladding to achieve what you would like.

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