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About Loughview Training Services

We provide quality training under the DfE Apprenticeships NI programme. Since 1980 we have delivered government programmes such as YTP, Jobskills, Steps to Work, Training for Success in Newtownabbey and Apprenticeships all over Northern Ireland.

Our aim is to provide quality training to improve employability and skills, for those already employed or recruited through apprenticeships.

Upskilling your Team

Retail Apprenticeships
Upskill your retail staff. Improve customer service. Oh, and did we mention it's free!

Warehousing Apprenticeships
Enhance your warehousing team in Northern Ireland. You can tailor the course to suit your business.

Hospitality Apprenticeships
For hotels and guesthouses in Northern Ireland - upskill your team with our Hospitality apprenticeships. It's free and the course can take place during times that suit you.

Our apprenticeship schemes are completely free to employers and you can receive up to £500 incentive. Training can be tailored to your business needs and delivered on your premises for current eligible staff.

Talk to us about the advantages of hiring an apprentice in Northern Ireland.

Service Overview

Apprenticeships NI Programme
The core of of work is carrying out industry specific apprenticeships in Northern Ireland.

Essential Skills Training
Provided to apprentices who require upskilling in English, Maths and/or ICT.

Apprenticeships NI

Loughview specialises in Apprenticeships for NI businesses and their staff.
Our core programmes are focused on retail and hospitality but we have apprenticeships to suit alot of industries.

  • Retail Apprenticeships
  • Apprenticeships tailored to your retail business in Northern Ireland. We'll train your team for retail excellence.

  • Hospitality Apprenticeships
  • Hotels, guesthouses and more. Allow Loughview to train your hospitality team for business growth and improved service.

  • Catering Apprenticeships
  • Restaurants and food industry apprenticeships. Training provided on location at times that suit you and your business.

  • Warehousing Apprenticeships
  • Own a factory or warehouse. Warehouse apprenticeships for health and safety and improved production and dispatch.

  • Customer Service Apprenticeships
  • Ideal for telecommunications, sales and customer service. Apprenticeships are free and come with government backed bonuses on completion.

  • Management Apprenticeships
  • Management apprenticeships will allow you to scale and grow your business.

Why Loughview?

Loughview has been delivering training services in Northern Ireland for over 30 years.

Modules are tailored to the needs of your business and training takes place at times that suit you.

Employers can earn up to £1000 for taking part in the apprenticeship scheme in Northern Ireland.

Employing a new apprentice comes with substantial reductions in employment costs. Please talk to us about employing a new apprentice.

Contact us to get started!

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