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028 87 758 583
15 Aughnagar Road
County Tyrone
BT70 2PP

About Nugent Engineering Ltd

Nugent engineering is focused on the design and manufacturer of innovative high performance agricultural farm equipment.

Nugent Engineering
  • Cattle Handling Equipment

  • Bale Handling Equipment

  • Shear & Tine Grabs

  • Multi-Purpose Trailer
  • Link Boxes

  • Yard Scrapers

  • Grass Toppers

  • Mini Muck Spreader

For generations the Nugent family has been steeped in Agricultural traditions. Using his engineering expertise to facilitate his agricultural requirements on the farm, Sean Nugent the founder of Nugent Engineering began the manufacture of Cattle Crushes to handle and restrain the animal and this is where the Nugent story began over 25 years ago.

As cattle breeding intensified in the '70s and '80s there were more demands on the farmer who needed help with production, hence the need for cattle handling equipment. Sean developed the products to suit the demanding Irish breeds which resulted in heavy duty crushes to suit heavier handling. With Nugent’s trademark durable construction the cattle handling equipment is designed to last.

Nugent Engineering is at the cutting edge of agricultural equipment design with an extensive and flexible range of cattle handling equipment. For over twenty-six years Nugent Engineering has been developing the range and specialises in the design and manufacture of some of the finest crushes on the market today. New methods of production has translated to product innovations and designs.

As leaders in the Irish market Nugent Engineering has invested heavily in research and development and has brought to market a new generation of versatile, robust, heavy duty crushes providing excellent access for general handling. The Nugent Cattle Handling Equipment is designed to suit the requirements of the modern day farmer whilst ensuring safety and reducing stress for both the handler and livestock.

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