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About Whitehouse Services

Offering comprehensive cleaning and support services

Based in Newtownabbey and with over 20 years’ experience in the cleaning industry, Whitehouse Outdoor Services specialise in the cleaning of all exterior surfaces.

Render and Wall Softwashing
Our team specialise in Softwashing across the whole country. We can clean and restore almost any outdoor surface. We are at the forefront of innovation and invest in the newest, safest and most effective Softwashing technologies.

In many cases, even after only a few years an unsightly red staining shows on K Rend, Weber, pebbledash and other surfaces, taking away from the aesthetic of the property. Contrary to popular belief this is not rust, an issue with build or application but is in fact algae growth. This can also show as green or black marks.

Softwashing kills and removes Green and Red Algae, Moss, Fungi, Lichen, Mildew & Bacteria from K Rend, Weber, Cement renders, Pebbledash and many more surfaces.

Softwashing has a longer lasting effect as it penetrates to the root unlike power washing which only cleans the immediate surface and may damage the substrate.

Softwashing can be used also as a preventative treatment stopping unsightly growth on properties ensuring the property always looks great.

Our applicators are fully trained and use products from UK and Irelands leading suppliers such as Softwash Solutions and Benz and are approved applicators.

Doff Cleaning and Restoration
The DOFF steam cleaning system is a specialist piece of equipment used in the cleaning and restoration of stone, brick and render all without the use of high-pressure jet washing.

DOFF steam cleaning method is approved by English Heritage for restoring older more delicate buildings and monuments. DOFF is an excellent method to safely and thoroughly clean and restore delicate stonework and capping with 0% surface damage. We recommend DOFF for use on surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, renders such as K rend, Weber, tiled (glazed or encaustic) wood, faience and terracotta.

Pressure Washing
Our specialised ‘Hot Power wash’ can clean the worst of surfaces such as driveways, patios, paving, walkways, exterior stairs.

High pressure hot water & steam breaks through grease, oil, dirt and grime more effectively than cold water giving the ultimate wash.

Where possible, our team even finish the clean with an anti-fungal wash to help keep the surface cleaner for longer.

Our professional team have washed everything from small domestic patios to the dry dock of the Nomadic.

Moss Removal & Roof Cleaning
Its now widely recognised that pressure washing roofs is not only damaging to roof tiles reducing the life span of the tile itself, but the results are also very short lived. Pressure washing roof tiles cleans but removes part of the tiles surface, it also does not kill the algae which causes the dirty look but actually spreads it further and creates a more porous surface for the algae to thrive hence the short lived cleaning results.

Graffiti Removal & Prevention
In addition to graffiti removal, we can also apply top quality innovative anti graffiti coatings supplied by market leaders.

Window Cleaning – Newtownabbey
Our team use the latest window cleaning technology to always provide a superior clean of all windows frames and doors for our domestic and commercial customers in the Newtownabbey area.

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Whitehouse Services News

Apr 13, 2016
Soft Chemical Cleaning

Whitehouse Services, Newtownabbey are proud to announce a new Soft Chemical Cleaning which will not only removal the green algae you can get on your walls, driveway or patio but it will also help prevent it reoccuring by removing the organism itself.

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