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Comfort Slat Mat is the result of extensive research and development in Ireland, Holland & U.S.A. over a five year period, to meet the ever-increasing demands by both Farmers & the E.U. to improve the welfare of cattle housed on slats. It also addresses, for the first time by any rubber mat or cow mat, the major issue of achieving reductions in the ammonia emissions from the slatted floors.

Although there are various rubber mat types available, none of them fully addresses the problems experienced by the farmer and Comfort Slat Mat was designed especially to address these problems.

Comfort Slat Mat improves animal cleanliness, health and welfare by the unique curved shape of the mat. It achieves a significant reduction in lameness of animals through its unique cored centre with a ‘super-soft’ dynamic interior. It ensures that animals are kept dry due to curved floor interface. The curved shape on our cow mats allows for the speedy removal of animal waste to the slurry tank below.

Key Features of the Comfort Slat Mat
  • Improves cleanliness, health & welfare
  • Promotes a healthy feeding cycle
  • Reduction in lameness
  • Speedy removal of animal waste
  • Easily installed by farmer
  • No spreading or dislocating of the mat
  • Non-toxic, raw materials that are 100% recyclable

Comfort Slat Mat has been designed & developed to withstand the arduous working conditions of animal traffic and chemical attack from the animal waste. These tests enable us to offer a 5 year warranty, but we would expect the mats to give a useful life of over 10 years.

As part of a continuous program of product improvement, testing is ongoing with a view to ensuring optimum life and performance.


Easy to install & secure after installation.

Comfort Slat Mat is custom designed to suit each individual farm.

Our mat is designed to fit different manufactured slats. Comfort Slat Mats are produced in a length to suit the actual slat length and are notched in our factory to accommodate the bridges on the slats - there is no cutting on site required.

Comfort Slat Mats are easily fitted and clipped into position on the slat by the farmer. The rigid fixing design ensures that once it is installed, it cannot be dislocated by the animals. No adhesives, screws or fixings are needed.

Northern Ireland Agents

West Tyrone, Derry, Fermanagh

  • Stephen Cluff Tel. 07715620568

Armagh, Down, Antrim, South/Mid Tyrone

  • Paddy Clarke Tel. 07730001493 Email:

  • Michael Rice Tel. 07712366240

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