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About STS Security Solutions

Security Systems Providers in Northern Ireland

Alarm Systems
Here at STS Security Solutions, we offer customized Alarm systems for domestic, commercial and perimeter protection applications.

STS Security Solutions , formerly South Tyrone Security, were formed in 1998 and are based in Aughnacloy, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. As a family run business, we are proud to provide a professional service, installing quality products with a strong dedication to customer service. We cover all of Northern Ireland with the majority of our business being in Counties Tyrone, Fermanagh and Armagh.

Always staying in touch with new technology, we can offer our customers the very latest security solutions, tailored to each individual job requirement.

Domestic Alarms
Keeping your home and family safe has become a necessary part of modern life. We can offer Intruder alarms to suit every requirement, ranging from bells only systems and automatic telephone dialers up to fully monitored Dual Path signalling systems. Systems can be hard wired or wireless depending on the site and the preference of the customer. With advancements in technology, wireless systems have become much more reliable and are a great alternative when installing wires is not an option.

Dual path signalling such as Dualcom or BT Redcare provides and extra level of security by communicating signals to an Alarm Receiving Center using a landline and GSM or GPRS network.

Commercial Alarms
With rising crime rates and increased insurance costs, it is becoming more important for business owners to protect their property. We offer commercial alarm systems with all the same options as our domestic alarms, modified to suit the business environment. For example, on a large site, individual users can be provided with a code or fob that will allow set/unset for entire site, or only certain areas within a site, depending on access level. Our alarm systems can also be linked to various other systems and equipment and can be used to: Trigger Security Lighting, Signal a Fire signal when Fire alarm activated, Trigger CCTV to record or move a certain camera, open or close a secure gate or doorway.

Perimeter Protection
Perimeter protection alarms are a very useful way of protecting a site, before an intruder can reach internal buildings or get to equipment that is stored externally, e.g vehicles, heavy plant, fuel tanks etc. Using Infrared beams or external PIR sensors, linked to an alarm system, this is a very effective way of securing external sites. These systems are also great for integrating with our Remote view CCTV systems, e.g. In the event of an alarm activation, you can check the site via CCTV using a phone or tablet app, saving time by not needing to travel to site as it can be checked remotely within seconds and also allowing the user to confirm a genuine or false alarm without having to be at the site.

Gate Automation
The installation of automatic gates, allows the owner of a property to decide who can gain access. Gate automation has become popular in both domestic and commercial situations.

Electric Remote Controlled Gates
The installation of automatic gates, allows the owner of a property to decide who can gain access. The installation of automatic gates has become popular in both domestic and commercial situations.

In domestic applications, we have found that many of our customers want gate automation, not only to keep strangers out, but to keep family members and pets in. By having gates that close automatically, parents can be assured that children and pets cannot run out into danger and are in a save environment.

In commercial situations, automatic gates and barriers can be used to grant or deny access to a property. These systems can be linked to intercoms, access control and cctv systems so that system logs can be checked / who arrived at a site / what time / number plates recorded etc.

CCTV Systems
A wide range of cameras and recording systems are available and it can be difficult to choose the right option for your requirements. At STS Security, we will provide you with the information you need, to ensure you get the system that meets your needs.

Closed Circuit Television Cameras
We install and maintain a wide range of CCTV equipment. This includes everything from standard analogue systems to high specification Ultra HD multi camera sites. It is becoming more and more important for people to protect their property due to high rates of crime and also fraudulent insurance claims. By installing a CCTV system at your property you are protecting yourself from these eventualities. As well as the security and crime prevention benefits, the remote viewing capabilities of CCTV have also increased its demand; business owners can monitor multiple sites, homeowners can watch their property while away, pet owners can keep an eye on their animals, e.g horse stables can be viewed, or farmers can use their phone to monitor sheep or cattle.

We provide systems suitable for domestic purposes where discreet cameras can be installed around a home, allowing the homeowner with a means of keeping an eye on their property when they are away and also providing proof of a crime if necessary. The CCTV system can be linked to an alarm system or set up to send alerts to the customers phone or email if a certain area is entered or an object moved.

STS Security Solutions Products & Services

Intruder Alarms
Fire Alarms
Access Control
Gate Automation
NSI Gold
Insurance approved security system installer
IP network cctv systems
Installation and Maintenance of Security Systems
CCTV for phone app
Police approved security installer

Reviews of STS Security Solutions

Star Rating
Quinns Corner
Having searched the market for security companies to complete work on our large premises I got a number of quotes, all for the same spec (30+ cameras and a fitted alarm system). Some of the quotes I received were considerably higher than others. After receiving STS’ quote I arranged to meet with Trevor, I was delighted with his professionalism and knowledge on the matter.

The team arrived to carry out the work and you would hardly know there was any work going on, this was important to us as we are open to the public all day every day, so the fact the work was carried out quietly and without disruption was extremely beneficial.

On top of that the after care service has been great and I can’t fault STS in any way.

STS provided great value for money and I cannot speak highly enough of Trevor and his team at STS.

Quinn's Corner
Star Rating
Emmett Q
Excellent service Trevor and the lads were excellent from the start, efficiently installing our new camera & alarm system and at a very reasonable price! They were always on hand to answer any questions or queries which i had. The system works brilliantly for us and has gave us great peace of mind
Star Rating
Mike H
good company thank you
Star Rating
philip patrick
I recently had a home security system installed by STS Security Solutions, Augnacloy and would recommend their services & products.
The Risco system was installed in February 2015 with minimal inconvenience in a very professional manner.
Mark my installer arrived on time and completed the installation including commissioning the system in less than 1 day, including vacuuming up after him!
The system included internal & external sounders with 2no keypads and multiple PIR sensors.
A great investment for any homeowner. Give Trevor a call for a competitive quotation.

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