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Derek Rodgers
028 30 825 560
07593 645 695
Unit 5, Itec Business Park,
52 Armagh Road
County Down
BT35 6DN

About Vanarama Northern Ireland

Your new van - an important decision
Working out the van you need and where to buy it from are important decisions. For many of our customers, the van they drive is not just a means of transport. In a lot of cases it's their office, tool store, critical method of advertising and, next to their customer base, one of their main assets.

We get this!

Simple Process
We also know that whatever business you're in, you're very likely to be busy and want to keep things as clear and straightforward as possible. You don't want to be caught out by hidden charges, small print or delays in getting the vehicle.

If you decide to call us, or fill out an enquiry form, you'll find our staff will take the time to understand not only the best van for you, but also the best way of funding it for you and your business.

Price Promise
It is then our absolute mission to give you the best possible deal and SAVE YOU THE MOST MONEY with NO PRESSURE SELLING. In short, we'll do the deal YOU want, for as little as we can, and NOT for as much as we can get away with! Read more about our price promise.

We then arrange delivery of your new van from one of our main dealers, direct to you at a time that suits your business FREE OF CHARGE.

Award Winning
From sector awards to national awards you will be dealing with a business that has had scrutiny at the highest level in industry. In 2015 Vanarama won the highly prestigious Lloyds National Business Award for Best Small to Medium Sized Business 2015, an accolade that recognised our commitment to training, customer service and innovation.

One of the Best Companies to Work For
We're delighted to have been recognised by The Sunday Times as one of the Best Small Companies To Work For in the UK. In our inaugural year in the list, Vanarama not only achieved three stars in the Michelin style rating system, but also finished in 26th position overall for 2016.

What We Do
Essentially we're a van leasing broker; what that means to you is that we are independent and can make sure that the van you buy, and the leasing product you choose to buy it with, are the best for both you and your business.

Our aim is to help you buy a new van, in the most cost effective and simple way possible, at the same time as giving you fantastic levels of customer service. You can read more about that here.

Hopefully, if we get that right, you'll not only came back to us but you'll tell friends and colleagues about us. You may already know which van you need and which type of leasing you would like to use to buy it. If that's the case then what we'll be able to help you with is ensuring that the deal you choose is the best available.

There are three main lease products that you can use to buy your new van. They are:
  • Van finance lease
  • Van contract hire
  • Van lease purchase

They are all different in terms of how they are set up, what they mean to you from a tax point of view, and how much flexibility they have. So they all have some differences. You can find out more about the financial part here.

They are, however, all the same in the sense that there are three main things that determine what you pay by way of monthly payment or rental.

They are:

  • The cost of the vehicle (s):
    It goes without saying that the less you pay for the vehicle then the cheaper the payments or rental will be. Where you'll benefit from dealing with us is that we order significant volumes of all of the vehicles featured on our special offer page here. So instead of getting the discount equivalent to one or two vehicles you will get the benefit of the discount appropriate for literally hundreds of vehicles.

  • The interest rate:
    Interest rates are low at the minute anyway but, just like when ordering the vehicles, the more finance volume we put through our funders the cheaper the cost of money becomes. Just like the discounts, that is reflected in the leasing prices quoted.

  • The residual value:
    All of our funders will have an idea of what they think the vehicle will be worth at the end of the leasing contract you take out. Other than the mileage you do in the vehicle and how long you want to keep it for, they will take into account what the industry think it will be worth at the end of the leasing period via programmes like CAP or Glass's Guide.

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