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Stephen Elliott
028 70 356 145
11 Farrenlester Road
County Londonderry
BT51 3QR

About ESL Engineering Ltd

ESL Engineering Limited is located on the outskirts of Coleraine in Northern Ireland, and has been operating since 1983.

The company was initially setup as a material processing and fabrication shop supplying farm and agricultural products. Shortly afterwards we became a specialist in machining and fabrication for the quarry and recycling industries producing large eccentric/concentric shafts and pipe units.

The fabrication shop was expanded to accommodate the design and manufacture of bespoke products for a variety of industries, ie. transportation, recreational and construction. Our coded welders are experienced in producing our standard high volume products through to setting up and jigging new product lines as well as the detailed and complicated fabrication of some of our bespoke products.

Moving into sheet metal manufacture we became specialists in profiling and plasma cutting of metal plate which has enabled us to enter many new industries, ie. Energy, Water Treatment, Waste Management and Road.

Most recently we have moved into CNC Machining and Milling which has enabled us to provide our customers with a versatile one-stop service with the capacity to do the entire manufacture of their sub components.

Since implementing MRP in 2011, ESL Engineering Limited has improved the efficiency of their processes. Through from quotation, sales handling, purchasing, production planning, inventory control, despatch and invoicing, the time spent on these processes is reduced to a minimum meaning more time can be spent improving the manufacturing processes to produce more competitively priced products for our customers in reduced lead times without sacrificing quality.

Our core vision is through a process of measurement and continuous improvement we aim to not only determine and meet; but also exceed our customer’s requirements. We work with both new and existing customers to develop smarter manufacturing techniques to provide the customer with the product, quality and service that they desire.

Products & Services
  • CNC Plasma
  • CNC Profile Cutter
  • Material Processing
  • CNC Machining Centre
  • Turning
  • Fabrication
  • Bespoke Projects
  • Metal Finishing
  • Design For Manufacture

CNC Plasma Cutting
CNC High Definition Plasma Profiler capable of cutting any required shape or size up to 12 x 3m and from 0 – 40mm thick plate. Every part is cost effectively nested to ensure the minimum material cost for our customers. We stock a wide range of mild steel plate, stainless steel and durostat 400 (Hardox alternative) and can obtain different types of material at our customers request.

Maximum Capacity 12m x 3m x 40mm thick.

Profile Cutting
CNC Oxy/Propane Profiler (4 heads) capable of cutting any required shape or size up to 6 x 3m and from 20 – 250mm thick plate. Every part is again cost effectively nested to ensure the minimum material cost and using 4 heads to minimize the cutting time and hence labour cost for our customers. We stock a wide range of mild steel plate and durostat 400 (hardox alternative) and due to close working relationships with our suppliers we can obtain any required thickness and specification at our customers request.

Maximum Capacity 6m x 3m x 250mm thick.

Material Processing
A material processing shop for sawing, drilling, punching, tapping, countersinking, folding, rolling and counterboring.

Materials: Mild Steel, Durostat/Hardox, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, HDPE and Nylon.

CNC Machining Centre
CNC machining to drill, face, bore, chamfer, tap and mill work pieces up to 1200x540x510mm and 800kg weight. Versatile state of the art machines with a 30 tool changer capable of producing components in the quickest possible times.

Maximum Capacity 1200mm x 540mm x 510mm / 800kg.

Manual turning capable of producing Concentric/Eccentric Shafts up to 8m long and up to 900mm diameter and to a tolerance of down to 5 microns. We currently stock a wide range of raw mild steel material; both bright and black; and EN8/24. Available in diameters between 50mm to 300mm and 2” to 6”. Other sizes and material specifications are available upon the customers’ request.

Maximum Capacity 900mm diameter 9m length.

Standard Fabricating & Assembly
Assembly and fabricating capability for small and large parts in mild steel / aluminium and stainless steel. TIG and MIG coded welders with up to 30 years experience. Jigs can be produced for large volumes of products to ensure a high level of quality.

Bespoke Projects
  • Ladders / Stairs / Platforms
  • Bespoke design
  • Specialist coded fabrication

Metal Finishing
We can offer the following finishes:
  • Painting – any colour requested
  • Galvanising
  • Plating – zinc or other
  • Powder coating – any colour requested

Design for Manufacture
With our on-site design capabilities we are able to take a product from concept through to design and manufacture. Using Solidworks’ latest sheet metal and weldment techniques we can create an efficient design ensuring the manufacture is cost effective.

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