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John Taggart
028 90 332 210
155 northumberland street
County Antrim
BT13 2JF

About Driver Theory Belfast Ltd

We have been operating since June 2015. The company sets itself apart from other driving services by offering high quality classroom-based interactive courses, where our tutors focus on the individual customers' needs and their learning style by engaging them in an active learning situation.

We are based at the Twin Spires Complex, 155 Northumberland Street, Belfast and provide booking and classroom training facilities. Courses are presented by up to 3 highly professionally trained staff, out of whom 2 are hold qualified teachers and 1 is a fully qualified ADI instructor.

Through the use of technology, all course delivery is made through on-screen Powerpoint presentations. Each customer has a hand-held Clicker, linked to the presentation on screen and at any time participants are encouraged to:

  • Interact with fellow drivers
  • Actively engage with the trainer in discussion during the entire course
  • Display their level of understanding of the material being presented

Driver Theory Course
Would you prefer to study for your Driver Theory Test on your own using an “app” on your laptop / PC or in a student-friendly class at our centre, where you can discuss your concerns about the test with others? Our course is designed for the learning driver who enjoys working with others to gain confidence and a better understanding of what is required in a Theory Test.

Through our classroom-based courses:
  • You will receive 3 two-hour courses from a qualified teacher.
  • Your instructor will provide expert tuition from both multiple choice questions and hazard perception elements of the Theory Test.
  • You will have the opportunity to use a hand-held Clicker, linked to the presentation of Theory Test questions and situations on screen, to support your level of understanding.
  • The course will be taken over 3 evenings, subject to availability.

Taxi Theory Courses
The starting point for a professional driver is having the correct attitude and approach to driving, together with a sound knowledge of safe, modern driving techniques. You should set an example by showing courtesy and consideration to other road users, and make allowances by staying calm and ignore the mistakes and errors of other drivers. A professional driver will have a sound knowledge of driving theory, coupled with the ability to apply that theory in an expert manner.

We will work with you, individually, to ensure you are ready to enter the exciting world of taxi driving. We will give you the knowledge and the confidence to make the necessary progress throughout your application. No matter where you start your journey, we will transport you to your final destination with a career for life. Call us now to discuss how DTB can help get you on the road to success.

At Driver Theory Belfast we offer a bespoke range of services to ensure you achieve your goal of becoming a professional taxi driver.

These services include:
  • Assistance with medicals
  • Application for PSV licence
  • Access NI application
  • Taxi theory course tuition
  • Practical driving lessons
  • Help and support throughout the process

CPC Courses
Taxi Driver Periodic Training (TDPT) has now been introduced in Northern Ireland. We shall be running courses from the 1st of August 2016 and special group rates are available. Driver Theory Belfast is one of Northern Ireland’s leading providers of Taxi Driver CPC Periodic Training, currently providing very competitive rates for individual taxi drivers and companies at our Belfast premises. We are a JAUPT-approved centre and our certificate number is ACO1870. Our professional trainers deliver Taxi CPC courses in Disability Awareness (3.5 hours) and Professional Standards (3.5 hours).

Who needs Taxi Driver Periodic Training?
All Taxi Drivers renewing their Taxi Driver Licence from 1st September, 2016 will be required to complete an amount of periodic training. This programme will include training for drivers of:
  • Public and Private Hire
  • Wedding and Funerals
  • Novelty Vehicles

Why do the training?
TDPT is designed to confirm and expand on existing knowledge and skills of each Taxi driver to ensure that they continue to be safe, courteous and fuel-efficient drivers. Our training programme will also enable drivers to keep up-to-date with ever-changing regulations and to benefit from further training with our company.

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