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About Complete Water Treatment Ltd

Water Treatment Services across Northern Ireland
At Complete Water Treatment, we design, supply, install, maintain and service a wide spectrum of water treatment plants. Our services are available for various industries including hospitality and leisure, agriculture, food and drink, health and social care, metal finishing, and electronics. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help. You can benefit from our services across Northern Ireland.

Reverse Osmosis
Enhance the quality of your water with reverse osmosis systems from Complete Water Treatment in Northern Ireland. You can rely on us for the supply, installation, maintenance and repair of a wide variety of systems.

Filtration & Ion Exchange
Our water filtration and Ion exchange systems provide the perfect combination of high technology and simplicity. Industries using these systems include hospitality and leisure, agriculture, catering, health and social care and more.

Legionella Control
If you are the owner of a commercial premises with a water system, you are compelled to have certain services carried out to ensure the safety of your water system. At Complete Water Treatment, we offer legionella-control services nationwide.

UV Water Filters
Switch to UV steriliser systems for bacteria-free water. UV light destroys the cell DNA (or RNA in viruses) making organisms inactive. Complete Water Treatments Ltd can install our advanced systems throughout Northern Ireland.

Pool and Spa Treatment
The water in swimming pools and other bathing facilities (such as hydrotherapy pools, spa pools and hot tubs) is subject to water treatment to keep the water clean and prevent fouling or damage to process systems. As well as standard daily tests for pH, temperature and treatment (usually chlorine), all swimming pool and spa water should be sampled monthly for bacterial contamination. Other chemical tests may also be applicable. To ensure your swimming pool waters meet all environmental and health standards, choose our services from Complete Water Treatment Ltd in Northern Ireland.

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