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Why use GreenThumb?

GreenThumb expertly treat lawns - turning them from tired, weed infested grass areas to lawns you can be proud of. We don't cut or water grass, weed borders, trim hedges or offer any other gardening service. We specialise in what we are the best at.

Our Lawn Care services, which will in most cases cost you less than DIY, are administered by trained, uniformed operatives. Whether you are looking for a one off treatment or a monthly payment plan, a cure for a lawn disease or advice on how to get rid of moss or lawn pests, GreenThumb can help.

Not only do we create wonderful lawns, as part of our service, we also provide free of charge:
  • Advice on any aspect of your lawn from disease analysis to which lawn mower to buy
  • Our regular customer newsletter, Lawn Love
  • And email tips, giving timely advice on lawn care

Core Treatments
  • NutraGreen Spring Ready
  • NutraGreen Summer Ready
  • Oasis Water Conserver
  • NutraGreen Summer Long
  • NutraGreen Autumn/Winter Long
Additional Treatments
  • Aeration
  • Scarification
  • StressBeater
  • Lawn Disease Management
  • SlowMow Treatment
  • Top Dressing & Overseeding
  • Pest Management Treatment
  • Lawn Makeover
  • Additional Oasis Water Conserver

Started from a seed...
GreenThumb was started by Stephen Waring in North Wales 36 years ago. As our Founder and Chief Executive, his passion for achieving the most beautiful and cared for lawn possible is embedded within each and every person at GreenThumb. We are proud to recognise that a local service has built our national reputation.

Not content with being the first Lawn Treatment Service in the U.K, we continue to pioneer the very best there is in every aspect of Lawn Treatments, leading the way in our industry.

We flourished...
For more than 36 years, we have been analysing the best treatments and fertilisers for your lawn with our dedicated team of developers and plant food nutritionists’. It has taken us decades to perfect our formula which is why we restrict our fertiliser to our loyal customers and do not sell them through any distributors. If you are not a GreenThumb customer and achieving the best lawn is important to you, then you should be a GreenThumb customer. Simple.

More than 15 years ago we developed the renowned ‘No Scorch Technology’ fertilisers (yep, that was us!). Advancing on from this, we now have our very own range of NutraGreen fertilisers utilising all our years of experience, development and technology; they are quite simply the best lawn treatment fertilisers.

Our treatment programmes are well calculated to provide your lawn with the exact nutrients it needs at that time. Over the course of the year, we provide continuous guidance to our customers so that in partnership we can do what is required for your lawn to reach its true potential as the centrepiece of your garden. Our flexible approach to Lawn Treatment results in a bespoke service for every lawn, every time.

We branched out...
Another example of our pioneering approach to Lawn Treatments is our most recent, the Lawn Makeover. We can now create the Ultimate Lawn! Its focus is not just on the best lawn without those weed grasses, but on sustainability, organic materials, efficient use of natural rainfall and 100% recycling of waste, including our bags. We are very proud of it. Naturally, it’s unique to GreenThumb.

We continue to blossom...
We believe in building a nation of Lawn Lovers and joining you on your journey to a beautiful lawn. Together, we will give your lawn the love and attention it deserves.

Trusted Service
GreenThumb carries out millions of treatments a year on UK lawns, no one loves lawns like we do.
GreenThumb recognises the need to prioritise environmental management and are committed to promoting a sustainable environment

We have over 42,000 people in our Facebook community. Our customers are proud
to share their gardens with fellow Lawn Lovers
See For Yourself
Watch our videos to see how we can make your lawn the centrepiece of your lovely garden

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The first time we visit, we’ll measure your lawn accurately to ensure you’re only paying for the exact square meterage of your lawn. But to get an estimate, right now, enter your lawn size below. If you’d like to become a customer, then just select the programme that suits you best by clicking Join Now. If you’re not sure, you can invite us to visit and we’ll measure and quote on your lawn, just book a consultation.

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Reviews of Greenthumb NI

Star Rating
Good reliable company. Treat your lawn on a regular basis, come when they say they will and you only have to cut the grass. My lawn looks great and any problems you just have to give them a call.

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