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48 Duncrue Street
County Antrim

About Greenthumb NI

When it comes to creating a beautiful lawn, we are proud to be the first choice of over a million people in the UK. We perform millions of treatments every year nationwide – literally from Northern Scotland to the Isle of Wight.

With almost 1000 GreenThumb vans travelling around the country, you’ll regularly see them in your city, town or village. It’s quite likely that your local GreenThumb Lawn Expert is a neighbour too.

GreenThumb was started by Stephen Waring in North Wales 32 years ago. As our Founder and Chief Executive today, his passion for giving GreenThumb customers the best lawns and customer service is as strong as ever. We never forget that a local service has built our national reputation.

Not content with being the first lawn treatment service in the UK, we continue to pioneer the very best there is in every aspect of lawn treatments, including lawn fertilisers.

Our fertilisers are tailored and manufactured to our specifications based on millions of lawn treatments every year. No one else – including any other lawn care provider – does this. Their fertilisers are ‘off the shelf’. Our lawn feeds are specially developed to be bespoke to UK lawns and just for our customers. We don’t sell them online either, just in case you wondered.

We pioneered ‘No Scorch Technology’ fertilisers more than 15 years ago. These fertilisers reduce the need for watering following a lawn treatment.

Today we offer a regular, balanced feeding programme for lawns with a flexible approach, giving you a bespoke treatment on every lawn, every time.

We have dedicated resources for the development and improvement of lawn treatments. We continue to work with leading fertiliser and plant nutritionists in the country to create the best lawn feeds, only for our customers. One of our treatments makes efficient use of natural rainfall, reducing the need for extra watering in dry weather.

Another example of our responsible approach to lawn treatments is our most recent, our Lawn Makeover. We can now create the Best Lawn… Ever! Its focus is not just on the best lawn without those weed grasses, but on sustainability, organic materials, efficient use of natural rainfall and 100% recycling of waste, including our bags. We are very proud of it. Naturally, it’s unique to GreenThumb.

There are more than 200 GreenThumb locations around the UK, yet we realise that homeowners have a choice in who provides this service to them today. We take that very seriously and recognise that our customers don’t just count on us, they count to us.

A person’s lawn is often the largest part of their property and frames a home. We believe a beautiful lawn creates the best introduction to a home. If you agree and:
  • If you want the best lawn treatments there are;
  • If you want a bespoke lawn treatment every time;
  • If you want a local service with a national reputation;
Then you want GreenThumb.

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