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About Kevlin Tyre & Service Centre Ltd

Finally, an Omagh Garage who cares about saving you money off your tyre and vehicle servicing costs. We know how expensive running your vehicle is today and that's why you need a local company looking out for you and giving you the best deals on your vehicle tyres. Kevlin Tyre Centre, Omagh was opened to give Omagh motorists the best deal on tyres, vehicle servicing and provide a top class customer service. Try us out when you next need tyres, tyre services or a vehicle service / MOT check, we are your local Omagh Auto Centre.

New Tyres
We have a wide range of budget tyres at the best prices in Omagh, ready to fit while you wait. We want to save you as much on your tyre bills as possible and give you the best tyre service in Omagh. The type of tyre you require depends on your vehicle and the type of driving you do. If you are doing small short runs to school and the local shops, then an economy tyre will best suit your needs.

DPF Remap & Regeneration
Kevlin Tyre Centre can offer the most comprehensive DPF system anywhere in Northern Ireland. Our system developed by professionals will ensure you never have to worry about this problem again. This means that after the DPF is remapped from the vehicle a standard exhaust can be used or the existing exhaust can be modified and refitted.

Vehicle Servicing
Keeping your car engine running smoothly and preventing further damage can easily be achieved through regular vehicle servicing. Our servicing package, includes an oil change, oil filter and fluid change. We also inspect your brakes, battery, electrical system, screen wash, tyre checks and a whole check list of essential checks.

Tyre Puncture Repair
When you get a flat tyre or a puncture in your tyre, you are in safe hands with the team at Kevlin Tyre Centre. Our experienced tyre technician will thoroughly inspect your tyre to evaluate if the tyre is suitable and safe to repair. If he is satisfied your tyre is suitable for repair he will proceed.

If your tyre is unsuitable we will discuss what tyres we have that would be suitable for you. All puncture repairs are carried in accordance to the BSAUI59 British Standard regulations. This standard defines the limits to the repair and the materials used, based on the tyre size and location of the puncture.

Tyre Changing
Whether you need all 4 tyres changed or just 2, we are ready to help you today. Our highly experienced tyre technicians can fit your tyres in a matter of minutes whilst you wait, in the comfort of our waiting room.

Our skilled technicians are also able to rotate your tyres for you, and will swap the rear tyres with your front ones to even out your tyre wear rates.

We always advise you change your tyres in two’s and all four tyres should match. Any new tyres should always be fitted to the driven wheels.

Tyre Valve Replacement
The tyre valve stem in your wheel is a very important part of your vehicle tyre safety. It holds the pressure inside the tyre and is your main access point to adjusting the tyre pressure. Always make sure it is topped off with a valve cap to stop dirt from getting inside your tyre. Every tyre we fit or puncture we repair, will be fitted with a new tyre valve as standard. In fact everytime we break the tyre bead we will replace the tyre valve stem. We do not compromise on your tyres performance or safety.

Motorcycle Tyres
We are passionate about motorbikes at Kevlin Tyre Centre, and we are happy to help bikers with their tyre choice or tyre fitting options, when it comes to motorcycle tyres. Motorcycle tyres have a huge impact on the safety and performance of a rider and their motorbike.

To ensure maximum safety, you need to select tyres that suit your motorcycle, your riding style and seasonal weather conditions. We are also pleased to offer a tyre fitting service and will happily fit your own purchased tyres to your motorbike for you.

Wheel Balancing
Wheel balancing ensures that weight is distributed equally around the wheel and the tyre rotates evenly. Incorrectly balanced wheels produce a vibration that can be felt through the steering wheel when you travel above a certain speed. An unbalanced wheel will also cause wear on your tyres, suspension and steering that is unnecessary.

Our wheel balancing machine uses the latest state of the art technology to balance your wheels. It will work out the exact position we need to place weights and the correct counter weight we need to use, to balance your wheel.

Wheel Alignment
Incorrect wheel alignment can result in irregular tyre wear and can affect the handling of your vehicle. Wheel alignment problems can be caused by hitting a kerb, driving into a pot hole or by excessive mechanical wear from the steering or suspension parts on your vehicle.

Check your car or van wheel alignment regularly and look out for signs of uneven wear on your tyres, such as wear on the inside or outside shoulder of your tyre. Here at Kevlin Tyre Centre we offer a wheel alignment service that ensures your vehicle’s wheels are set to the optimum position as per your vehicle manufacturers specifications.

Part Worn Tyres
When you require a premium tyre at budget tyre costs, our range of part worn tyres is perfect for you. Hand picked and inspected by our expert tyre engineers, we guarantee the safety and reliability of the tyre before we sell it to you. To put your mind at ease only tyres that pass our rigorous inspection can be sold at Kevlin Tyre Centre.

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