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About Academy for International Science & Research

Northern Ireland’s first independent STEM school located in the historic walled city of Derry, also known as Londonderry on the west bank of the River Foyle in the North West of Ireland. AISR is fully UK accredited and ISO 9001:2015 compliant. ​

AISR has been established in response to a clear market need to address the decline in the interest, enjoyment and uptake of science, technology, engineering and maths subjects among students, particularly at school leaver age. AISR is also committed to the teaching of the broader STEM areas, including business, administration, careers, digital media and teaching and lecturing.

Why? Because in the post-Brexit era, a skilled workforce in Northern Ireland has been highlighted as a major necessity in developing the local economy with performance of STEM subjects playing a vital role to the overall health and wealth of our economy.​

At AISR, it’s our belief STEM is of immense importance to modern society. Expertise in this area is necessary to drive our economic ambitions, support innovation and provide the foundation for future prosperity.

Yet young people are dropping technical subjects such as maths and physics at A-Level; for among other reasons because of out-of-date career advice and pressure to achieve higher grades.

The truth is, many pupils are leaving school believing they have heavily invested in their education while in fact, in the very near future, they will be ill prepared to meet the demands of a dynamic and rapidly changing jobs market.​

In recent years jobs in STEM fields have grown three times faster than jobs in non-STEM fields, but without an influx of graduates in these areas, the world will not have enough workers to fill these positions.

In response, AISR launched to offer local, national and global programs and initiatives that will help plug the skills gap and putting forward a persuasive case to students about the multiple benefits associated with studying STEM.

The AISR Commitment:
AISR is committed to continuous innovation and improvement in educational development and will operate an educational system which enables students from an early age to study curriculum from a real life perspective. This practical, hands-on approach is designed to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding students require to be ready for the workforce and opens up new career opportunities and pathways into industry, research and academia.

Our Mission:
To strive for academic excellence and deliver first class, high quality local, national and international STEM training and education to students no matter where they reside. In skilling up the next generation, we want to make an important contribution to the health and wealth of communities and economies locally and across the world.

Our Vision:
Enabled and enhanced by digital innovation and educational technology development, we want to break down geographical barriers by exporting STEM courses of high educative and economic value, to upgrade skills and enhance the progression of student education throughout the world.

Our Goals and Objectives:
AISR aims to promote its vision and values through four main streams of product delivery.
  • Develop and make available an application based STEM program for students age 16+. Applied learning enhances the ability to apply learning to real life situations and in doing so kindles entrepreneurial spirit and increases core competencies.
  • Develop and make available applied learning diplomas and advanced diploma courses for college students in STEM subjects that expands career choices and enhances employability
  • ​Extend the reach and value of AISR’s pioneering local work by exporting innovative, high value STEM programs overseas with a primary focus on developing countries.
  • ​Launch ATIR, the Academy of Technological Innovation and Research which will support AISR’s local, national and international ambitions through the provision of educational technology development including interactive 3D simulations and labs, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Our Services
  • Local and International Courses, Diplomas and Training
  • Curriculum Development
  • Student and Faculty Exchange Programmes
  • Course Accreditation
  • Consultancy Services
  • Global Technological Engineering Centre
  • Access NI checks

Diplomas and Certificates
AISR offers Certificates and Diplomas in business and STEM disciplines (B-STEM) for local and international students. We deliver high quality education, therefore the number of students per classes are limited to be able to provide a learning environment with students-faculty ratio 8-1. Flexible payment options are available. Knowledge and skills are reinforced by using real-life scenarios and project based learning which will provide you with diverse transferable skills.

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