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About Thermal Shell Construction

Our construction crew works on residential and commercial projects, including new house and building construction, additions, renovations, custom steel fabrication, and custom carpentry projects. We're proud to construct the homes, offices, restaurants and more that serve our community.

The insulating concrete formwork (ICF) system consists of expanded polystrene (EPS) components utilised as the formwork for plain or reinforced engineered concrete wall casts in-situ. These components come in the form of a block, comprising of two leaves of EPS, of which the outer leaf may vary in thickness depending on the U-value required.

  • Up to 70% less running costs
  • Fast build times
  • Flexible design for all types of build
  • Comfortable living all year round
  • As low as U-Value: 0.1W/m2K
  • Air tightness
  • Superior structor strength
  • Maintenance free with no timber to rot or sweat

Having insulated walls is all well and good, but if your roof isn't insulated airtight, heat loss is going to be an issue. We all think of roof insulation as a material we add once the roof structure is in place. What if the structure and the insulation could be combined, an insulated roofing system which requires minimal structural support? Once in place, they ensure that your roof is airtight and stays warm and draught free all year round.

The panels not only provide an energy-efficient, warm roof, but open up a world of possibilities for a space traditionally used as attic storage. Without bulky timber rafters, you can maximise your attic space to create an extra bedroom or office. What's more, these easy-to-install panels can be used to create any roof design imaginable, from pitched, flat or barn style.

What We Do
Our construction crews work on residential and commercial properties in the Northern Ireland area. Our team of industry professionals, provides construction expertise in building with ICF and insulated roof panels.

Our Mission
To build and construct structures that support and enable our clients to achieve minimal running costs in their new environment, whether at home or at work. Providing you a building fit for any future.

Residential Construction
Our company specializes in constructing homes on newly acquired land. We'll work directly with you to plan, design, and construct your new house! With us, you'll always know you're safe and sound in your home.

Commercial Construction
Interested in relocating your business' headquarters? Sitting on valuable real estate? Work with us to build a state-of-the-art business center. Our expert builders will provide your business with the ideal space for your company to flourish.

Remodeling Services
Want to make changes to your existing structure? We can help you redesign your kitchen, living room, bathroom and more! From additions to complete renovations, we can do it all.

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