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About Freeburn Farm Feeds & Dog Food

Freeburn Farm Feeds
From our base in the village of Loughgall in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, we stock a wide range of animal feed to transport in bulk to agricultural businesses throughout Northern Ireland, feeding farm animals in Northern Ireland and parts of southern Ireland.

Our knowledge of the agricultural sector is extensive – and you can benefit from our knowledge and experience when you choose us as your source of animal feeds.

What types of animals feeds do we offer?
We know that your farm might maintain animals of many different types, which is why we stock a variety of animal feeds to suit. The feeds that we offer include:
  • Sheep feeds
  • Pig feeds
  • Poultry feeds
  • Cattle Feeds
  • Dog Food
  • Full-fat soya beans

We have a proud track record of success
Since establishing the company in Christmas 2017, we have provided feeds and nutrition for show-winning animals and prized pedigrees. We are proud of the great results that we have delivered for dairy farmers and agricultural businesses in Northern Ireland.

We are very passionate about continuing our wonderful run of success and working with more farmers, all the while increasing our production and positive results.

As a provider of animal feeds in Northern Ireland, we come highly recommended; indeed, we continue to source much of our custom through positive word of mouth. The company remains family-run and can provide a level of friendly service that meets your needs.

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We are the sole distributor for CSJ Dog Foods in N.I. & Ireland

Types Of Feed Available
There are various benefits of sourcing animal feed from Freeburn Farm Feeds in County Armagh. You get the comfort of knowing that all of our insurances are up-to-date, while you can also rest assured that your animals are getting clean feeds homegrown right here in Northern Ireland.

  • Animal feeds
    Our animal feeds come in many different forms. The animal feeds that we stock include alkaline feeds that are rich in protein and can deliver high energy levels. Our alkaline products include Alkagrain, Alkalage and Alkastraw, all of which produced with the protein-based system of Home n’ Dry. Food produced in this way can be especially good for your animals’ health through maintaining the pH value of each animal’s stomach at a healthy level.

  • Sheep feeds
    At Freeburn Farm Feeds, we stock the complete range of animal feeds made by the County Cavan-based company A.W. Ennis, including its sheep feeds. Whether you buy them in coarse or pellet form, these sheep feeds are nutritionally healthy for both lactating ewes and finishing lambs.

  • Pig feeds
    To help ensure that your pig grows healthily, you should opt to balance its diet between cereal-based and soya-based feeds – and we can supply you with both in large quantities.

  • Poultry feeds
    We stock poultry rations that can give birds excellent balanced nutrition conducive to their optimum development and production. These feeds include both laying and turkey rations.

  • Full fat soya
    At Freeburn Farm Roads, we stock various feeds that include high levels of soya. Today, many full-fat soybeans are grown especially to be fed to livestock. Farm animals which can benefit from soya-based products include poultry and horses. Our stock includes full-fat soybeans of an extremely high number, so you can feel comfortable that we can keep meeting ongoing needs for soybeans – and you can call or email us to learn more.

The super weanling crunch is now back in stock!


Super Weanling Crunch for Cattle in stock. This product contains lung booster which helps prevent Pneumonia and all other respiratory disorders in Calves, Weanlings and older Cattle. The lung booster has a completely natural antibacterial effect. This stimulates increased production of antibodies and also increases the mucus production and the removal of bacteria from the nasal passages and lungs.

Naturally supporting Immunity & Maintaining a healthy Respiratory System
Respiron supports
- Improving immunity and ability to fight an infectious challenge
- Enhancement of immunity through IgA production in the lung
- The reduction of coughing and respiratory irritation.
- Easy breathing
- Enhancement of mucous secretion
Available as a lick bucket or in powder form

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