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About Negative Equity UK

How We Help
It is often just assumed that the only way out of property debt is bankruptcy or to hand back your keys. In some cases, that may well be the appropriate option but not always.

We have been successfully writing off millions in mortgage debt on behalf of our clients since 2012. We are the only company that is fully licensed and regulated in the UK to offer you ALL of the available solutions under one roof. Our average write off is over 75%, with hundreds of successfully settled cases.

If any of the following apply to you, Negative Equity UK will be able to help
Recommended by 99% of our clients

  • Are you concerned about negative equity? Is it causing you worry?
  • Are you trapped in an interest-only mortgage with no way of repaying at the end of your term?
  • Do you feel that your current property situation is becoming unmanageable?
  • Are you stuck with negative equity, but need to sell your home in order to move?
  • Do you find difficulty in dealing with your lender? Do you feel that they are putting your under undue pressure?
  • Are your mortgage arrears becoming unmanageable?
  • Do you feel that your mortgage was mis-sold?

Mis-Sold Mortgage Claim
Before we take your case forward, we always complete a case review. Many homeowners were advised to take expensive and subsequently unaffordable mortgages during the reckless lending period of 2004-2008. As a responsible firm, we recognise that you may qualify for redress/compensation and ensure that this is looked into as part of our review process. Here we’ll ask you questions about the original mortgage advice you received; we’ll also recall your mortgage file, review this and advise you on any mortgage mis-selling options.

Interest Only
What if your mortgage is interest only, you are in negative equity and you have no way of repaying the capital at the end of the term? Tens of thousands of first time buyers and re-mortgaging homeowners were sold interest-only mortgages this way, predominantly during 2004-2008.

But what can you do about it now?
  • Find out if your mortgage was mis-sold and are you entitled to redress/compensation
  • Mortgage re-negotiation to enable you to repay the mortgage in full over a longer period
  • Sell the property, complete a Negative Equity Settlement and move on
The first step is a Case Review to establish exactly which of these options you qualify for and how each would work based on your personal circumstances.

We are assisting our clients with this problem every day. Our empathetic and professional approach will ensure you are listened to and receive the correct advice in a clear and friendly way.

Splitting up with your partner can obviously be very stressful. There are so many things to sort out. Clients come to us where they are bound to their negative-equity mortgage with their ex-partner. Often the solicitors have approached the bank already to allow one partner to continue with the mortgage themselves alone, releasing their ex-partner from the debt. With negative equity and affordability issues, frequently this isn’t possible, so people find themselves in the grossly unfair position of being stuck with a mortgage and financial association with their ex that neither of them actually want.

We regularly receive introductions from matrimonial solicitors for their clients in this worrying situation. Providing both exes are in agreement, the property can be sold and a negative equity settlement put in place in relation to the remaining debt.

Stuck & Need to Move?
Has negative equity prevented you from moving to a more suitable property or area? It is a common yet stressful problem where homeowners who bought or re-mortgaged 2004-2008 have waited for property prices to rise enough to enable them to sell. If 11+ years on you’re still stuck in negative equity, isn’t it time to look at a different approach?

With our Case Review process we’ll advise you on whether:
  • Your mortgage was mis-sold
  • It’s a good idea to let your property and re-negotiate the current mortgage
  • You qualify for debt reduction and can avail of a Negative Equity Settlement
You can then decide on which of these options suits you best.

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