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Know Your Options
What options are available for you? How do you know which of these best fit with your circumstances? Your FREE consultation ensures that you can make an informed decision.

An IVA Is a formal agreement between you and your creditor, and is seen as an alternative to bankruptcy. In an IVA, you make an offer to your creditors to repay a portion of your debt over a set period, which is generally five years for monthly contribution based IVAs. You can also propose a shorter IVA based on a lump sum offer. If your IVA is approved by your creditors and you successfully pay all the funds you proposed, then at the end of the IVA any balances left on your debts are written off.

DMP (Debt Management Plan)
A DMP is an informal agreement between you and your creditors. In a DMP, you offer to your creditors what you can afford to repay towards your debt after you have paid all your essential outgoings every month. However, you continue to repay this amount until all your debts are cleared, or until your finances have improved to the point where you do not need a DMP any further.

Once you are made bankrupt, your affairs are handled by the official receiver, which is the government’s insolvency department. The official receiver calls you for an interview and assesses your assets and financial circumstances. If you have assets, they may be sold to raise money towards your creditors.

DRO (Debt Relief Order)
Almost all debts can be included; some exceptions are student loans, court fines, or maintenance arrears, child support arrears, debts built up through fraud, debts arising from a personal injury claim or crisis loans.

Re-Organisation/Consolidation Loan
Multiple creditors looking for settlement, or struggling to continue with unaffordable repayments? There are options for an agreement with your creditors so your debts continue to be paid over a set period of time. This results in a reduced single monthly payment when compared to the current unaffordable monthly payments being made. Even write off part of the debt.

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