Elis, Cookstown

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028 8676 4040
028 8676 6660
14 Tullylagan Road,
County Tyrone
BT80 9AZ

About Elis

We empower your day
We deliver a complete textile rental and laundry service to all types of activities. We offer everything from clothing to chefware, cloths, entrance mats, mops, bed and bath linen and hygiene equipment to public toilets. Across our four business lines – Hospitality, Healthcare, Workwear and Facility – we work with thousands of organisations all over Europe that make our lives possible.

Why outsource?
When a company chooses to outsource its textile and hygiene needs, it is making a smart business decision. Outsourcing frees up time, space, staff, capital and resources that can be put to better use driving growth rather than managing logistics.

Engaging and understanding our stakeholders
By working together with our identified key stakeholders, we can ensure that the way we run our business delivers optimum outcomes for us all.

Investing in our people
We're constantly strengthening employee skills, communication and engagement and assuring a safe work environment so that we can enable and empower our people to achieve support our success. We are committed to engaging, developing, rewarding and recognising our people.

Building sustainable growth
Corporate Responsibility is integral to Elis. It impacts our long-term strategy and our ability to win and retain business. We are committed to real social and environmental responsibility progress. Whether by cutting our use of water, energy or detergents, implementing “eco-designs” or reducing the impact of our delivery channels, the entire staff at Elis is committed to support our ambitious corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy.

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