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About Chimney And Roof

We are a professional chimney and roofing company who realise the importance of keeping chimneys and roofs waterproof. All work is carried out with the customers needs in mind. From first contact to completion, we always ensure that our work is carried out with the utmost professionalism and to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy and delivering to their requirements.

If your chimney crown has not been renewed in the past 20 to 25 years it is well worth having it renewed. Modern chimney crowns have water repellants added and are properly bonded to the brickwork.

Our prices offer real value for money.

Average price guide based on a chimney needing a new crown.

The chimney crown is the cement capping on the very top of a chimney and over time it will need renewed. To renew the chimney crown, the old loose and flaking cement crown is removed and replaced with a new one. A water repellant is added and the chimney base is rubbed down and an adhesive applied to ensure the new chimney crown bonds well to the existing chimney base.

  • Price based on a 4 pot size chimney usually a detached or large semi detached house - £240 to include all materials and labour.
  • Price based on a 4 pot size chimney usually an average 3 bed semi detached house - £240. Cost can be shared between neighbours - £120 each.
  • Houses with two or more chimneys pay normal price for the first chimney but will get a 10% discount on any other chimneys done at the same time.

Chimney Repairs
Chimneys are often overlooked when it comes to maintenance because we often don't pay much attention to them, but keeping your chimney in good repair is vital as part of your home maintenance routine as safety plays an important factor. A poorly maintained chimney is an insurance risk. Things to consider are:

  • Repointing chimney brickwork
  • Replacing and fitting new chimney pots
  • Repairing or renewing the chimney crown. (This is the cement capping on the very top of the chimney)
  • Missing lead or damaged lead flashing needing repaired or replaced
  • Removing a chimney stack that's no longer needed

We carry out all types of chimney work. From a simple job like fitting a new chimney hat that prevents rain getting in, to completely rebuilding a new chimney for you.

Mortar Joints And Repointing Work
If any repointing is required, we recommend repointing with a water repellant added to the mortar mix. If some of the chimney bricks are in bad condition they can be removed and replaced with new ones. Once the chimney bricks and mortar joints are checked and found to be satisfactory we recommend sealing the chimney bricks and mortar or render with a clear water proof sealer and recommend Thompson's One Coat Water Seal.

Chimney Removal
If you no longer need your chimney we can take it down for you. The chimney will be taken down safely and you can be confident that when the job is completed the new roof section will be well finished to blend with the original roof and most importantly - will be fully weatherproof.

Chimney Stack Sealing
We specialise in restoring and waterproofing chimneys. Chimneys are the only part of a house that are fully exposed at the top and on all four sides to wind, rain and freezing conditions. We take great pride in restoring a chimney back to life leaving it in tip top condition. Through time old chimney crowns and brick work normally develop cracks. Water then gets in, freezes and widens the cracks each winter and if left unchecked, will cause a host of problems such as loose chimney pots and brickwork that will let water leak into your house causing further damage.

Renewing your new chimney crown and sealing it is not expensive and is money extremely well spent. Having your chimney crown checked and if necessary renewed will in the long term save you on more costly repairs in the future.

Roof Slate And Tile Repairs
Sometimes the damage on a roof is obvious, like broken slates and tiles. These can usually be quickly repaired as we use a hydraulic lift instead of ladders or scaffolding. Other repairs which we can carry out include:
  • Repairing or replacing broken tiles or slates
  • Slipped tiles or slates
  • Replacing broken concrete tiles or slates
  • Ridge tile repairs
  • Missing lead or damaged lead flashing repaired or replaced

Other Services

Odd Jobs At Height
There are some fairly simple jobs but because of the height involved makes them tricky to carry out. If there is an odd job that needs done, for example fixing an existing roof aerial, removing plant life from chimneys, fitting chimney hats, removing debris from roof etc contact us.

We can also examine your roof tiles / roof slates / flat roof / lead valleys / chimney pots / chimney crown / chimney mortar / lead flashing at base of chimney / guttering and down spouts etc.

This can save a lot of unnecessary expense if any issues are detected and fixed early on.

Preventative Maintenance
Preventative maintenance always works outer cheaper in the long run.
A simple repair now will save you money over a later but more costly and extensive repair.

Reviews of Chimney And Roof

Star Rating
Brenda C
Chimcoat sorted out our chimney after some storm damage. If they hadn't have fixed it I honestly think the whole thing would have collapsed!
Star Rating
Lynsey McMaster
Friendly professional service

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