Dalzell Landscape Company Ltd, Holywood

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Gareth Dalzell
028 9042 1543
Fortview Nursery,
190 Church Road
County Down
BT18 9RN

About Dalzell Landscape Company Ltd

Company Structure
Currently the company operates as a core of 10 full time staff; we also have part-time and seasonal. We have 5 vans on the road around the Belfast, North Down and South Antrim areas, all in our distinctive bright red sign written Ford Transits.

Our Base
We are based on the hills high up behind the North Down town of Holywood. We bought our premises here 16 years ago and established our landscape yard, nursery and offices here to accommodate our growing company. This location allows us fast access to Greater Belfast, North Down and beyond. Our sister company Construction & Landscape Training Ltd share and complement our service to the land-based sector.

Staff and Management
Our staff operates as a team of landscape professionals. The company is kept ahead of the pack by a determination to maintain a modern approach to landscaping in all its work – be this through new techniques, materials or machinery. We have learnt a lot from the past, and hopefully are now in a position to build on those original techniques.

Gareth and Sarah Dalzell run the company. Gareth, a graduate landscaper, started the company in 1990, and was the youngest ever chairman of ALCI (The Assoc of Landscape Contractors of Ireland). To this day, Gareth remains passionate about his subject. Sarah has an HND in The Built Environment with IT, and is an incorporated member of the Chartered Institute of Builders.

Trained staff and staff training are right at the top of our list of priorities. Every single member of the team receives training throughout his or her time with us, as well as training-needs assessment. This ensures we operate with safe and knowledgeable staff.

Work Ability
Our commitment to an efficient work systems extends to our machinery and equipment. We have invested strongly in sensible and practical solutions to all work operations. We run modern Ford Transit vans, Kubota groundcare machinery including the latest commercial grass cutting machines and an up-to-date range of general and specialist smaller plants for every other operation. Early on, we realised that the right machine is the key to cost-effective work practice. So we always make sure our machines are the most efficient and effective available.

For example, when grass cutting we can handle everything from a normal domestic lawn or a tennis court right through to a wild flower meadow once a year. Rotary, cylinder, reciprocating or line cutter, pedestrian to low ground pressure compact tractor. We could also spike and scarify it and then remove, roll it up and relay it somewhere else with our turf-lifting machine.

Japanese Knotweed

What’s the big deal?
Japanese Knotweed is an invasive species, which in itself doesn’t automatically mean that it is going to be a problem to you. There are numerous invasive species in the UK and Ireland, so what’s the deal with this one?

Well, when you consider the potential for JK to cause damage to property, render houses difficult to sell or mortgage, and development sites un-economical to develop, you start to realise the problems this plant creates as it grows. So the two main problems this beautiful plant can create are financial burden and damage to property.

… But it’s only a weed, isn’t it?
Yes, but it just happens to be a weed with an amazing ability to colonise areas and exploit weaknesses in structures, pushing up through hard paving surfaces, force its way around pipe work and into new buildings and dislodging hard features. It is often flagged up in house or commercial property surveys as a problem; this, in turn, leads to nervous mortgage and lending companies who phone us!

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