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15 Belfast Road, Nutt's Corner
County Antrim
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About Mulsanne Fun Casinos

Mulsanne Casinos - Specialists in Fun Casinos in Northern Ireland since 1989
Mobile Fun Casinos, A Night At The Races, Murder Mysteries, Hypnotic Shows, Motor Racing experiences and much more!

Corporate events, weddings, parties and fund raisers.

Have you ever been faced with the task of entertaining a group of people, possibly clients or staff, when dancing is not an option? You probably want your event to be interactive, where you can mix with your guests and have fun with them. We at Mulsanne Casinos set out to solve this problem way back in 1989, and have been doing it ever since. Many major companies have used our solution, including BT, Microsoft, Ulster Bank, Ronseal and BMW, to name but a few.

Putting it simply, we can provide you with a fun casino, where the tables are authentic, the croupiers are professional and no real money changes hands. Your guests are provided with “funny money” branded with your company logo. They use this to purchase chips at the tables. There are opportunities to win spot prizes along the way, and at the end you can provide prizes for the biggest winners.

Everyone takes part, especially those who wouldn’t normally gamble, since they are not risking their hard-earned cash. The buzz on the night is electric! Our events normally last between two and three hours.

How To Stop Your Guests Getting Bored At Your Wedding!
You have a talented photographer! The pictures will be beautiful. The weather is great! You will just take another few, since everything is so perfect. Only, everything is not perfect. Your waiting guests can only drink so much coffee and eat so much shortbread before they are bored senseless. What are they going to do? Go to the bar, on empty stomachs?

Provide them with our fun casino, because you care about them. It’s so easy to give them an entertaining and interactive experience, where the time flies by. Before they realise, you are back with them and it is time for dinner!

We will give you the full benefit of our 30-odd years in this business, to make your wedding day a magnificent experience for everyone. Simply give us your date, venue and number of guests, and we will advise you just how easy it will be to keep everyone entertained while you are getting perfect photographs.

Making Your Fund Raising Fun Casino Work
It may be an obvious statement, but the most important aspect of your fundraising fun casino event is that it makes your organisation money. If it entertains and amuses your guests but loses money, it is not worth doing.

So how do you make it a success?

The single most important action that you must do is sell your tickets in advance. We will charge you for the number of gaming tables that we bring, and you will calculate that number from your ticket sales.

Included in the ticket price is a certain amount of “funny money” that the guests will exchange for gaming chips at the tables.

When they run out, as 90% will, they can return to your bank and buy more “funny money” at a reduced rate. All of the money raised at the bank is total profit for you, and this is where the majority of your monetary gain will come from.

The winner of the event is the person with the most chips at the end. We can give you a list of winners within five minutes of closing the final table.

Prizes should not be overly valuable. A good example is a meal for two or an inexpensive flat screen TV.

Cash prizes should be avoided at all times.

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