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028 92 622 877
07779 652 732
54 Kesh Road,
Maze Village
County Antrim
BT27 5RR

About PJF Computer Solutions Ltd

We supply IT support, PJF Computer Solutions are there to help. We deliver IT experience and systems knowledge to a wide range of companies throughout the UK & Ireland. We support clients across many sectors.

  • At PJF Computer Solutions we provide you with a single point of contact. We take care of your IT systems from conception to complication and beyond. We have developed processes and procedures that allow you to concentrate on your business and let us take care of the IT.

  • At PJF Computer Solutions our core business is providing IT Support to a range of businesses and organisations, and we place great emphasis on providing a fast and accurate response to all our clients by keeping quality at the heart of our services.

  • Wherever you are located, support is immediately at hand thanks to our permanently manned service desk. Subject to your acceptance we can access your systems remotely and begin to resolve you IT issues almost immediately.

  • At PJF Computer Solutions we are a small team comprised of core individuals with vast industry experience. We are proud to deliver, responsive support, use high end technology remote monitoring services, tailored solutions to every client and proactive bespoke solutions to client issues.

How We Look After You
When you think just how critical I.T. is to running a business or organization you really want the best. RELIABLE, EXPERT, KNOWLEDGEABLE, SAFE HANDS - These are just a few words our customers use to describe us.
  • Contact
  • Consultation
  • Action Plan
  • Quote
  • Complete
  • Support

Produce Action Plan / Plan Schedule
We feel that technology should fit in and work the way you want to, and not as often happens, you having to change the way you work to fit your technology / IT. So after the gathering of information at the consultation we use it to design systems to work with your business, keeping your informed at each stage of the process. We can also produce this plan based on a budget predefined by you.

How We Help
At PJF Computer solutions we see ourselves as a proactive IT company rather than a reactive one. Our systems ensure we can predict when your IT infrastructure is struggling and our wealth of experience allows us to rectify the situation before it escalates.

  • At PJF Computer Solutions we are a proactive IT company, not a reactive one. We monitor client's systems to ensure we can fix issues before they escalate.

  • Our IT Support service is second to none. With helpdesk staff support calls are dealt with in a swift professional manner, likewise our email is manned to allow fast response to issues.

  • Our remote monitoring software allows us to constantly be in contact with our clients, we can predict when a piece of hardware is coming to the end of it's life span, or if software isn't performing efficiently.

  • Our dedicated servers running our cloud services are manned 24 / 7, 365 days a year, with technicians available around the clock to ensure an almost 100% up time. We can provide a bespoke solution to your requirements.

Our Services
When you think just how critical I.T. is to running a business or organization you really want the best. RELIABLE, EXPERT, KNOWLEDGEABLE, SAFE HANDS - These are just a few words our customers use to describe us.

  • On Site Support
  • Workshop
  • Remote
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Repairs
  • Upgrades
  • New Build
  • Reconditioned
  • Servicing

Cloud Services
  • Remote Support
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Backup
  • Internet Security
  • Cloud Software / Services
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Repair
  • Test
  • Migration

  • Domain Management
  • Email Hosting
  • Web Site Hosting
  • CRM Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Internet Security
  • Data Protection
  • Network Security
  • Wireless Security
  • Data Protection
  • Online Security

PJF Computer Solutions Ltd Products & Services

Our services include: computer repairs, upgrades, special builds, Computer performance problems, Software updates, like Windows 10
Advice regarding protecting our young people on the internet. Every parent should take this very seriously.
We host and support a wide range of cloud based services including Microsoft Office 365, Remote support, Offsite backup, cloud based Internet Security
Our Offsite Secure File and Folder Backup is ideal for small business and home users, it is Fully compliant and only costs £1 per week per PC.
Our Online Briefcase is ideal for sharing and synchronising documents, it is secure, 500Gb in size and costs just £1 per week per PC.
Not happy with the wireless coverage your Broadband equipment supplies? We can extend the range or get the wireless signal into hard to reach areas.
We supply and host Domain names and email. Our email is secure and reliable and gives you your own IP address.

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