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Knockbreda Road
County Antrim

About Electrolysis Centre

Certified Electrolysis Hair Removal Centre.
Safe, reliable and gentle electrolysis hair removal in Belfast.

Get rid of unwanted hair for good.
The Electrolysis Centre is committed to helping you look and feel your personal best by providing the highest level of safe hair removal. Extremely high hygiene standards are maintained in the treatment methods.

Before treatment commences you will have a free personal consultation to assess your requirements and discuss future appointments.

If you have extra or unwanted hair growth, electrolysis can provide permanent hair removal. It's safe to use for facial hair removal and on the rest of body.

Treatments are suitable for males and females of any age, and are effective on any skin and hair type. It can be applied to most facial and body parts, including upper & lower lip, chin, jaw line, neck, side of face, eyebrows, underarms, breasts, abdomen, back, arms, legs & feet.

My electrolysis treatment has transformed both my appearance and my confidence levels. I came to Yvonne seeking help as I was plucking/epilating my coarse, dark facial hair daily. I was constantly checking and touching my face in case I had new hair growth. Yvonne put me at ease right from the start with her professional, friendly manner and her understanding and empathy. The treatment was not painful and was a pleasant experience. The results were amazing- I now have very little hair growth and clear, smooth skin. I no longer even check my face for new hairs! My confidence levels have increased significantly. I can't thank Yvonne enough.

I spent years (20+) trying waxing, daily tweezing and electrolysis at beauticians for facial hair - nothing worked. I felt so self-conscious and embarrassed and it was getting worse as I got older. I started researching permanent hair removal and found The Electrolysis Centre – I haven’t looked back. Professionally trained and specialising in electrolysis are the things that stood out for me about Yvonne. I cannot describe how good it feels and how confidence building it is to look in the mirror and not have to tweeze or worry about others staring at you. Yvonne fully explained the process and made me feel at ease, I’m so thankful to her. I’ve one regret – wish I’d have found this place 20 years ago.

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