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Commercial kitchens and food processing establishments generate significant quantities of Food & Grease Trap Services from their waste food wash-down operations.

The Food & Grease Trap captures waste food & grease particles before they can conglomerate in the main public drainage system, attracting rodents and causing kitchen down time due to blocked sinks. Putrescible waste food & fats should be removed at least once per month as stated in the EU standard EN 1825 for Grease Trap separators in N. Ireland.

Food Service Operators can demonstrate compliance with Food Waste Regulations to local authority inspectors with the visual presence of a centralised waste Grease Trap installed in the kitchen drain line, backed up with recorded duty of care waste removal & recycling consignment notes (Max. 3 years)

Waste Food & Grease disposal to public drain or sewer is prohibited under Northern Ireland, Scotland & Republic of Ireland waste water & food law.

Waste Food & GreaseTraps are required to prevent any waste food, oil or grease

Food Businesses must register with local authorities under Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 and Regulation (EC) No 852/2004

Food business operators should complete a plan drawing detailing location of the Waste Food & GreaseTrap and also demonstrate waste collection compliance with the Food Waste Regulations.


Drainage design structures must comply with EU Regulation EN 12056 (sealed to atmosphere) and Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (#FHRS) inspections must consider confidence in management relating to #FOODLAW in Northern Ireland
  • New-build & retro-fit hospitality fitout installations
  • Local Authorities, Planners, CDM Designers & Specifiers
  • Restaurant Operators and Indemnity Insurance Brokers
  • Putrescible waste food & fats should be removed at least once per month

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Feb 11, 2017
Food Waste Loophole in N. Ireland set to be plugged

On 1st April 2017, N. Ireland sets a new legal precedent when the final clause of the Food Waste Regulations (N. Ireland) comes into effect. This final article states clearly that it is illegal for food business operators to deposit food waste into the drainage system. The traditional method for preventing this is by ensuring that a grease or food trap is installed in the kitchen drain line. In 2013, the government funded research organization, WRAP, produced a food waste report highlighting that up to 25kg/yr. food waste per person went down the kitchen sink and also, that within the hospitality and food service sectors, as much as 50% of food waste could be disposed of via macerators, wasteful food preparation or incidental wash down procedures. By implementing this environmentally groundbreaking legislation so soon after the release of a recent EU court of Food Waste Auditors report (17th Jan. 2017), N. Ireland positions itself high on the list for tackling food waste and with support from local authority enforcement will mean that this gaping food waste drainage loophole can now be plugged in N. Ireland at least. The new statutory rule of N. Ireland states that from 1st April 2017, it shall be the duty of any person who produces food waste to ensure that food waste is not deposited in a lateral drain or public sewer. It is anticipated that this new food law in N. Ireland will also have implications for local government planning and building regulations as well as sewerage service operators and local authority environmental health and food standards agencies, whose duties include enforcement of structural, food management and food law policies. Full version available:
Jan 13, 2016
1st April Deadline for Food Waste Regulations (NI) 2015

The 1st April marks the first key deadline for most Food Business Operators in N. Ireland to ensure that their segregated food waste is separately collected and recycled at a licensed waste management facility. Visit free kitchen layout design advice and key aspect compliance guidance.

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