Glasgow Orange Parades Policing Queried

Strathclyde Police's management body has reported that 1,000 events took nearly 50,000 hours to police at a cost of £1.7m.

More than a third of the money during the last financial year was spent on the main Orange parade in Glasgow.

The new study said that the resources of Scotland's largest police force are being stretched by the growing number of marches and parades.

The reports said a "disproportionate number of officers" were being deployed with "no means of cost recovery".
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Two reports on marches and parades - one covering police resources and another on violence and disorder - will go before Strathclyde Police Authority on Thursday.

The paper on resources shows that from 1 April 2008 to 31 March 2009 there were 1,061 marches and parades in the Strathclyde force area.

These required a total of 49,859 police hours at a cost of £1,714,374.

More than a third of this cost - £596,398 - was incurred by policing the main Orange parade through Glasgow on 5 July 2008.

The report "highlights the increasing demand placed on finite resources in terms of resource deployment, cost recovery and community engagement".


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